Friday, 31 October 2014

8205 Recordings - Darkside Compilation 2014 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It's Halloween time today and as lots of producers & labels give away some tracks or mixes of them in order to celebrate this eve, a friendly label like 8205 Recordings and Dev/Null (Blog to the Oldskool) have decided to give away something darker to the masses!
Darkside Compilation 2014 is the new offering from the label, available on free download (either you believe it or not) featuring 10 fresh mental, dark & amen killers and a bonus gem titled 'Light After Death', originally produced in 1993, by The Primal Project, (act formed by a well known jungle producer and two friends of him)
I could have been typing here lots of feedback for each tune of the Album (as am currently re-listening to all tunes for the second time in a row) but it might be useless as music talks on its own and inside us rather more than words do. Amazing release and props to all class producers involved and to 8205 Recordings & Blog To The Oldskool for the effort and the whole work so far of course!

Show your support and love to the... Darkside 'nuskool' Dream Team and spread these alive vibes anywhere you can!

Tracks mastered @ SC Mastering (

8205 Recordings

Blog To The Oldskool

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