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YELL-O-PHASE Interview & Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog

- We'll let you take us back to your youth age and tell us please any interesting story from there and what made you stuck to the oldschool music.

Well.. It all started when I was 14-15 years old (late 80s). At that time I collected 7" singles, mainly hip house and italo house tunes. All the albums I bought were hip hop from the bands like 2 Live Crew, Kool Moe Dee,N.W.A, Public Enemy etc. Then in the early 90's came bands like Prodigy, L.F.O, Nightmares On Wax, N-Joi (just to name a few) which rapidly pushed me into oldskool scene. Deep into it. I used to record some local radio shows and never got enough of music. One of the most memorable thing happened when I dj'd with just two cassette tapedecks and people seemed to enjoy it. That was a good start for my so called DJ-career! Rest is history..

- Which period of the rave era is your personal favourite?

Music wise I have to say 1991-93. DJ wise I'd say 1995-2002.

- What is your top-10 oldskool anthems?

This is hard.. Allright.. Not in any specific order, I try to list some tunes that REALLY affected me either as a "raver" or a producer.

1. Andy C - Sourmash EP - Outer Limits
2. Alec Empire - Destroyer Pt.2 - Identity
3. Hedgehog Affair - Pt. 2 - Don't Just Stand There
4. Bribe – Goldseal, Redseal, Rocky & Squidge EP
5. Deluxe - Deluxe EP - A1. Untitled (ABS 011 DJ)
6. DJ Trax - Time Will Tell EP
7. Space Cube - Kool Killer Vol.2
8. Mad Dog - Mad Dog EP - Monged Out

9. Technosaurus - U Gave Me Nothing
10. Kemical Kids - Grim EP - B1

- When did the project 'Yell-O-Phase' came out and when were your first productions?

In fact, Yell-O-Phase was a group at first. Collective of DJs,light engineers,party organizers at early 90s. Yell-O-Phase stands for "Smiley", you know.. Later in mid-late 90s it became a one-man project. Me. I decided to keep our legacy alive. My first productions must be late 94. Early 95. But seriously, it all happened in 2000 and after that. I had so much going on with all my other artist alter egos..
All in all, Yell-O-Phase was some kind of "Going back to my roots"-project and I'm still there.

- What types of music making equipment/software/Digital Audio Workstation do you use in the studio?

I started making tunes with trackers, so I've been stuck in a tracker, primaly Renoise. I also use Soundforge for sound editing. Thats almost all of it. Sometimes when I have a change I use some hardware, but I never use any VST-plugins. Simpler the better.

- Do you have any advice or tips to give to upcoming producers?

Well.. Tons of advice. Any helpful, I doubt.. LOL. Just go with the flow.. I never plan my tunes beforehand although I hear some riffs in my head every now and then. If you feel it's right, then it have to be right.. for you at least. If you want to make million bucks with your music, don't ask my advice.. :)

- What is the rave scene like in Finland? I take it you're not all heavy metal heads..

Finland is definitely Heavy Metal Mecca! ..YES! We had a serious underground-rave-culture or "scene" whole 90s. Have to be proud of those days indeed! Yes.. we HAD. Well.. Rave scene in Finland, It's strong, but it's not my cup of tea these days. Trust me. It depends on what's your musical taste. For me.. There's absolutely nothing in todays rave scene in Finland. I will keep my door locked and stay deep in the underground! :)

- Tell us few words about KHK Records, releases, the spirit any forthcoming plans.

KHK Records is part of my dream which fortunately came true. I had a vision where I could go "back in time" and create almost authentic sound of those early oldskool days. 92-93% of authentic oldskool, eh? Both KHK-001 "Frenzy Journey EP" and KHK-002 "Sample Case EP" were pure madness. I'm really proud that those 2 vinyls made their way to the public. There were so many obstacles all the way. It took 2 full years to get those 2 releases out. Anyway, KHK-003 is under work. Definitely. It's just matter of time. Any other forthcoming plans Well.. yes. But I better keep them secret. ;)

- What inspired you to set this label?

Pure love for music. I'm stuck in the 90s. My label represents that passion.

- You have collaborated with labels such as Paranoid Recordings and more recently HC Recordings. Have you anything else in the pipeline for other labels?

Well.. some unconfirmed stuff is coming. I just signed the papers and those papers say I'm not allowed to speak with my forthcoming projects.. Or samples I'm using, beer I'm drinking or what kind of pizza is my favorite. BUT.. it allows me to say that.. Hardcore Will Never Die!
Seriously.. I would like to see my other label, Fleshwound Records, woken up some day..

- How do you see the nuskool/nurave movement at the moment?

Oh dear.. I feared this question coming.. I used to dislike the whole scene because of 2010/2011/2012 remixes of some classics of the classics. I felt so numb and dump at the same time. Oh, why they have to make those re-visits to those golden oldies?!? Just leave them be.. :) Nowadays I'm much more tolerable.. Anyway.. How I see thngs.. Nuskool genre is coming a little bit harder. Yes.. more hardcore than ever. Cross genres are more common than before and people are far more accepting the sounds "outside the box". So, all in all.. I think progression is good. Todays nuskool is going that same "stage" as digital effects on motion pictures past 10-15 years. More effects.


- Can you list your top 5  nu-skool hardcore tunes?

Not in any particular order.. Top-5 coming to my head right NOW..

1. Thumps & Bumps - Sharptone (Unreleased)
2. Abyss - Journey Of A Crackhead (HC RECORDINGS)
3. DJ Wislow - Evil Dead (HC RECORDINGS)
4. Worldwide Epidemic - Are You Ready (SILK-1)
5. Worldwide Epidemic - Duke Must DIE! (PARANOID RECORDINGS)

- Is there anything extra you want to say, or anyone to shout out?

Big up 'n' nuff respect goes to everyone keepin the scene strong! You all know who you are, list is just too long to start mentioning you guys here.. LOL I'm really honoured to be part of the musical history that is re-written every day. Some serious talents are lurking in the mainstream shadows. Some stay deep in the underground, just to stay safe in their own comfort zones.. Guilty of that. Any fellow producer,label owner with fresh and grazy ideas, I'm always eager to hear propositions for a co-op or remixes. Thank You All! Peace! KHK Out...

 YELL-O-PHASE Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog [FREE DL]


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