Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Strictly Nuskool Blog Podcasts - SNB003: DJ TONY-D [free dL]

Top end quality nu skool hardcore and breakbeat belters featuring a mass of kickin' tunes from start to finish with the occasional comedy tag here and there.

1. laurel & hardy-towed in a hole
2. chiqui & luggy feat. awesome 3-dont go and headstrong
3. uncle 22-do that to me:[dj pursuit rmx]
4. dawl-distorted consciousness
5. paul Cronin-mind up
6. newkoncept-ruffneck soldier
7. dj delay-broken heart:[shifter rmx]
8. menace makes 3-do you feel what im feeling:[damage inc smd style mix]
9. monster munch-back 2 skool
10. nebula 2-anthema:[ddd & devnull back 2 you rmx]
11. vegas lights-flat beat 'mr ozio'
12. the three stooge slapstick noises / the three stooges theme
13. impact beat-ah yeah
14. Richard champion-get down
15. impact beat-inter space
16. sparki dee-energize 92
17. the prodigy-charly:[vegas lights rmx]
18. Egyptian empire-the horn track:[impact beat rmx]
19. dj fav-future proof
20. eddie voyager-runaway:[sanxion rmx]
21. dragonfly-visions of rage:[paul Cronin full on piano mix]
22. eddie voyager-dolby
23. johnny osbourne-in your eyes:[kickback bootleg]
24. rave force-amigos 4 ever
25. impact beat-feel my energy
26. tango-tango project:[damage inc rmx]
27. paul Cronin-the immortal
28. fff-scream for acid:[monotron rmx]
29. paul Cronin-I told ya hands in the air
30. impact beat-surreal
31. the prodigy-skylined v no good v charly v wind it up v break n enter
32. dj mark c-project blue:[mr sav mix]
33. john newman-love me again:[nicky allen back to the old skool mix]
34. dj funkyfresh 2-mai mau
35. carl cox v xstatic-lets do it
36. rolling paper-doctor love, inc. blazing sadles-my name is jim
37. paul Cronin-terminator is here
38. damage inc-ive got peace,deep in my soul, inc. monty python-biccus diccus
39. awesome 3 v paul Cronin-don't go:[paul Cronin king of rock rmx]
40. dj owl-ok
41. chiqui & luffy-master alarm
42. usbs-everybody wants to breathe
43. baseclub-dont worry:[17 years after rmx]
44. dj nexus-break it down
45. white-no title
46. paul Cronin-in love with everyone
47. mana boom-?
48. Richard champion-mad angels
49. exit point-new world order:[hwnd rmx]
50. yolk-music 4 da people:[nicky allen rmx]
51. the nightcrawlers-push the feeling on:[chiqui rmx]
52. leonized-spastic fantastic
53. orestiz-freedom
54. the xraycat-the granny
55. paul Cronin-i.d pls paul
56. dj mark c-mirror mirror
57. rinston-shine on
58. lankyman-wonderful dancers
59. paul Cronin-dance now cmon cmon kick it

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