Monday, 25 November 2013

'November's FREEBIES'

R U Ready for 25 ultimate fresh nu-rave tunes available on free download?
I've collected some of them as the highlights of this month.
Show your support to all producers!

DJ Flow, Nicky Allen, Mr. Niceguy, Exit Point, NewKoncept, Beagle, Hamsta, Simon Harris, Orestiz, Toofer, DJ Fav, Shed Edz, Neurygma, DJ Ten, Skanksta, DJ Stormski &Whizzkid, DJ Mark C, Sparki Dee, Pinky & The Brain, Rett, Mr. Sin, BeatRapist, Disrupta & Max MC

1 comment:

  1. Nice selection and a load that I've missed too! So much excellent free stuff on Soundcloud. I highly recommend anyone who is into their breaks and hasn't checked it out to remedy that pronto. Remember and add a 'LIKE' and give some feedback for anything you download! ;)