Friday, 27 September 2013

Revolt In The Dark Dimension Kid Lib Featuring Mr Sensi & Percussive P

I'd heard stuff by Kid Lib before and there was no doubting what a talent he is, this most recent LP is by far the best I have heard from him and when I say it's the best, I mean this really is good. I dropped a few tunes from the above album on my most recent radio show and the listeners in the chat were loving it!!!! Dark twisted sounds collide with some incredible beat manipulation, you must hear this. If, like me, you are a bit of a jungle purist at heart and felt that the genre was at it's finest way back in 1994 when producers were chopping the amen break to pieces and rearranging it in all kinds of ways, then this is for you and at £5, its a bargain, take a listen for yourselves below, junglists get ready, have your lighters at hand because this will make you brock out!!!!

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