Monday, 23 September 2013

AMIGA BREAKS/FUZZBUZZ Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- Hello Timo! First of all I'd like to introduce yourself to Strictly NuSkool Blog fans, and tell me few things about you and your project, when did you first start making music and what inspired you to catch up with it

I first started messing around with music in 1990 with an Amiga 500, it was such a rush to hear breakbeats, bass, pads and pianos coming out of an Amiga 500, from there i moved onto the Amiga 1200 and created in OctaMED until 2002 when i moved onto a Mac.
I would have continued with the Amiga but i found Renoise for the Mac, which is very similar to OctaMED. It was nice to have the 16 bit sound and more than 4 channels.
Mainly i was writing hardcore, happy hardcore and downtempo breaks, when hardcore went away and it was only happy hardcore I countinued to create tracks with the oldskool sound and when i found out about the hardcore breaks scene I jumped onto the bandwagon in 2006. It was around this time that I had to moved to Japan and it became harder to follow the scene in the UK. 

- Checking your Soundcloud page & your website, can someone see a variety of genres on your productions, such as future jungle, hardcore breaks, oldskool hardcore. Tell me few things about your productions and which genre is your fav one

I like to experiment with different styles, back when i was doing my production on the Amiga I did house, garage, drum & bass, jungle, hardcore, happy hardcore and downtempo. When I moved onto the Mac I steered more towards the hardcore breaks sound and drum & bass, however over the last few years I have been doing some 80s style tracks.
I would have to say that the oldskool hardcore sound is my favourite but it changes depending on my mood.

- Let's play a game now..Oldskool VS Nuskool anthems.. Choose please, 5 of your essential gems and 5 nuskool gems that you like mostly

1. Neuromancer - Pennywise (This tune has to be the ultimate oldskool tune!)
2. Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness
3. DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud
4. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - Slammer
5. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - F*cking Hardcore (The slammer boys are the definition of what oldskool hardcore is)
1. Amiga Junglism - DreamBench WIP
2. Sike - Bongo Bongo
3. Anything on the Paranoid Recordings label
4. Luna-C - piano progression remix
5. SL2 - On a Ragga Trip (SL2 & Modified Motion Remix)

- Best rave memory that you will never forget?

Hmm there are many that I am sure were good nights but I can't remember, probably the best that stands out was the Dream All Nighter events, but I can't remember where it was lol

- Few things that you want to say about your Guest Mix on Strictly NuSkool Blog

Please excuse the quality of the mix, it has been a while since I have been on the decks but these are just a few of the tracks that i liked to rave out to in the day

- Is there anyone you want to thank, send your greetings, or mention anything else extra?

Yes I just want to give a massive shout out to Renegade Genious over at Paranoid Recordings, Amiga Junglism, Tari Ziyad at NuRave, Glowkid, Nicky Allen, Leonized, Paul Cronin, Exit Point and finaly my wife and family, sorry to the people that I did not mention.

Amiga Breaks Guest Mix for the Strictly NuSkool Blog


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