Monday, 19 December 2016

[SKRD!!!-088] Simi - 88 = Happy Hardcore [FREE DOWNLOAD]

01. That Intro (0:34)
02. Sweet Child Of Mine (5:48)
03. Kaze No Toorimichi (Gabba No Toorimichi Remix) (4:12)
04. Dancing In The Donk (feat. donkinator) (4:42)
05. I Wanna Be W Krainie Snuff (2:49)
06. W Moim Œnie (2:48)
07. Megapotman (2:54)
08. Chuunibyou-core (1:00)
09. Sweet Child Of Mine (goreshit Remix) (3:35)
10. Sweet Child Of Mine (Sweet Child Of Frenchcore... Drumtek Tekkcore Remix) (6:30)
11. I Wanna Be W Krainie Snuff (odaxelagnia Remix) (1:57)
12. Megapotman (goreshit Remix) (3:10)
13. Megapotman (Mekuso Remix) (3:12)
14. That Outro (0:51)
15. The Final Prelude (5:35) [BONUS]

Seems that Santa came faster this year with some smashing Santacore stuff I'd say..
His base is Poland and his offering is a 15track LP. Are you up for it??

Lodz badboi SIMI on Santa's role with his Santacore stuff album called "88=Happy Hardcore" is about to take you on a mad journey during the end of this year and why not even more in 2017!
This album is a serious blend of styles, emotions and feelings putting your cells into SIMI's oven. After listening several times to this LP, I can easily say that it's shot me well deep inside this Happy Hardcore, Donk, Chiptune, Gabber, Speedcore result and tunes like "Sweet Child Of Mine", "Kaze No Toorimichi (Gabba No Toorimichi Remix)", "W Moim Œnie" and "Megapotman" are absolutely proper in what you need for a Nu-Rave party of high bpms and tones of sickness! A trip where AleX Tune meets Goreshit and Annoying Ringtone, I can simply say.

And talking about Goreshit, he's behind a gorgeous remix done for "Sweet Child Of Mine", a tune he liked from the very first time, and so he gave his...speedcore try!
Others featured on this album are Polish based odaxelagnia, Drumtek Tekkcore and young Breakcore producer Mekuso. The whole effort is gorgeous and is already out on free download from Polish Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!! 

Full support to this ultimate dish.
And the reason is, because it makes your face look freaking happier!


Mastering by Loffciamcore
Artwork by Disgrafik

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