Monday, 18 January 2016

[SNBEP017] Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. TEKSTEPPA ''Dreams of the Future EP''

First Strictly Nuskool Blog release for 2016 is out now featuring a new addition to SNB team, the man like TEKSTEPPA (a.k.a. Matt Wilkins) from UK.

'The Dreams of the Future EP' is a 4track personal expression of him including storming Jungle & Breakbeat vibes all around!
This release is available on free download and hopefully you'll dig it loud & proud as Teksteppa nails it like proper!

Here are some following words from Teksteppa about his personal release:

" The Dreams of the Future E.P.  is basically me paying my respects to the sounds of yesteryear. Being a listener/raver of old skool hardcore and jungle since around 1992, I wanted to recreate the vibes of those days and bring back the flavas.

At the time of producing the E.P. I was listening to alot of Jungle from around the 93-95 era and got heavily influcened by the deep subs and choppy amen breaks! I then stumbled across the classic jungle techno type track: ''Neuromancer - Pennywise'' on Symphony Sounds recordings, which inspired the title track. If it wasnt for those headonistic hazy days of rave I probably would'nt be producing / DJing alot of the stuff I do now, so it means alot to me personally.

The main aim of this E.P. was to produce some tracks which also sounded like they we're made on old equipment so lots of thought went into the processing of the beats/sounds and I tried to get it all sounding as analog as possible in a completely digital realm. I hope you all enjoy this E.P. and if it makes you think of those old skool days then thats cool, and if it makes you dance, then hey I take my hat of to you! "


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