Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (27JAN.2015)

First showcase of 2015 got lots of class features, fresh and old tracks totally Nu-Rave and oldskool influenced as always. This is the 'Top 10 of the Week' based mainly on new tracks. Don't forget of course to show your support to all producers and labels involved on this showcase.
So....Starting with number 10 and London's producer JDubz remixing the classic '94 'Stop the Music' from the Timespan (aka Luna-C) [Free download via JDubz Soundcloud page] while number 9 is a raw bass gem titled 'Ruff' from the German producer Terrorythmus, forthcoming on Dred Collective compilation. Number 8 is 'Yodas Force' from Switzerland's finest oldskool hardcore producer/dj/label manager like DJ CRIP (Comeraveinpeace). Part of 'Yodas Force' 4track EP [release date: tba].
Moving to number 7 and the skillful melted brain of Melt Unit, who has recently released his 1st personal 'Get Melted' LP (out from Cock Rock Disco) and this remix on Midimachine is one of my fav ones during this month. Pure hyper acid footwork rave vibe!
On number 6, a friendly producer like Mr SPARKLe meets JamesVision offering a cool happy hardcore rusher including also some sexy pianos and the 'Suspicion of Murder' is the name of this excellent result!
Number 5, Abyss (owner of Switchblade Digital) returns with his personal monster choons and drops some smashing breakbeats on 'Here Comes The Pain'. Give some plays on it, and you'll see that the title is totally right!! Number 4 takes us to Finland and a clear oldskool hardcore producer/DJ/label manager like Yell-O-Phase , who's setting up an urban rave on 'Forests, Fields, Bunkers'. A full illegal and complete bomb.. Watch out!!
Number 3, is about a pumping happy hardcore 'back to mid-90s' anthem like 'That Was Fresh [Fresh for 96 Mix]' from the succeful conspiracy of DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One. Out now on the established & hard workin' KODE 5 Recordings. Pure Joy % and beloved dancefloor roller! Number 2 sees the very talented JAKAZiD and his latest..block rockin' rave beats killer called 'Ravebreak Sino*B' part of Allkore's 'Sega Nerdcore Generation' Album.
Last track is my OST of these days from morning's wake up call to night. Proper mental production, brain cell killer and quality darkness (can be somehow compared with Jilted era). The original track is the well known 'The Day is my Enemy' from the Prodigy's freshness and fair play goes to Russian producer Rapraiz on the rework duties.

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-27th Jan. 2015)

10. The Timespan - Stop The Music (JDubz Remix)

09. Terrorrythmus - Ruff [DRED COLLECTIVE]
08. Comeraveinpeace (DJ CRIP) - Yodas Force

07. Midimachine - Under Oath (Melt Unit Remix)
06. James Vision & Mr SPARKLe - Suspicion of Murder
05. Abyss - Here Comes The Pain [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
04. Yell-O-Phase - Forests, Fields & Bunkers (Raving Days)
03. DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One - That Was Fresh [Fresh for 96 Mix] [KODE 5]
02. JAKAZiD - Ravebreak Sino*B [ALLKORE]
01. The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Rapraiz Version)

LISTEN to full showcase:

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