Tuesday, 17 March 2020

[INTENSIVE34 / SF039] Various Artists - GLOWKiD Pres. The Generation X Crew [15-Track Digital + Limited CD Album - Coming Very Soon!!!]

1/ GLOWKiD - Intro.
2/ Orestiz - Sucks 2b You.
3/ Damage Inc. - Sorry Riddim.
4/ Nefti - U Turn Me On.
5/ Insane & Mind - This Way.
6/ Amaretto - Building Shake.
7/ Monks & Mort - Wonderfull.
8/ TNO Project - Inside Ma Head.
9/ Spiral S - Rave 4 Life (Pressure Euphoria Mix).
10/ Yudaidhun - Bring It Back To The Heaven.
11/ Schnez - Ricochet.
12/ Beats Are Broken - The Dreamer.
13/ Amiga Breaks - Get Busy.
14/ Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher (Vitality Remix).
15/ Paul Cronin Ft. GLOWKiD - The Ardcore Crew.

Spring 2020 sees The Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own rave ambassador, GLOWKiD join forces with Intensive Recordings and Sonic Fortress to unveil a huge collection of upfront and euphoric, hardcore cuts from the cream of the nuskool underground, with the release of the  'GLOWKiD Pres. The Generation X Crew’ album. 

Our main man himself, GLOWKiD provides an introduction to the madness that is to ensue before we are presented with Orestiz's hectic fusion of layered amens and frentic stabs with 'Sucks 2 Be U'
Next up to the plate we have Sonic Fortress' very own Damage Inc. who drops 'Sorry Riddem', a track which expertly combines smooth R&B vocals with heavyweight bass pulses. 
Nefti comes in to represent the Intensive Recordings crew with his full-on blend piano driven, rave diva vocal driven slice of breakbeat hardcore with 'U Turn Me On'

'This Way' by the inimitable Insane & Mind sees the duo deliver an energy packed, contemporary twist on that classic '94-'95, happy hardcore sound with it's use of rolling amen breaks, epic piano melodies and female vocal sighs. 
Up next we are introduced to the simplistic, but oh so effective  'Building Shake' by Amaretto, which drops an infectiously uplifting piano section over layered breaks and an electrifying stab riff to devastating effect.

'Wonderfull' by Monks & Mort (aka Gareth Monks and DJ Rave In Peace) sees the dynamic duo inject a potent dose of vintage rave vox, 150mph breakbeats and pounding four-to-the-floor kickdrums to set any rave dancefloor alight!!! 
Kniteforce Records regular, TNO Project makes a welcome appearance with the uncompromisingly feelgood 'Inside Ma Head', an irresistable mix of iconic Cuba Gooding vocals, hard hitting breaks, cheeky funk samplage that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The latter half of the album sees Spiral S lay down some 'Funky Drummer' breaks and oldskool hip-hop vox on 'Rave 4 Life (Pressure Euphoria Mix)' before rolling out a heavyweight synth riff and electrifying stab pattern. 
Yudiadhun's 'Bring It Back To Heaven' rewinds us back to the heady dayz of unashamedly euphoric, kickdrum and breakbeat driven happy hardcore, complete with helium vocals and hands-in-the-air pianos. One for the white gloves and whistles crew!!!

Up next Schnez keeps it simple with 'Ricochet', an excellent blend of rolling amens, pounding kicks and one hell of a catchy bass riff, expertly complimented by soaring strings and stabs. 
'The Dreamer' by Beats Are Broken ups the tempo by a few notches with it's use of uncompromising breaks, fervered synth melody and a heavenly string section that'd make the Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era jealous. 

Nuskool hardcore veteran Amiga Breaks revitalizes the classic happy hardcore sound with 'Get Busy', which utilises ecstatic riffs, thunping kicks and rushing pianos paired with sliced and diced, junglistic amens as if it was still 1995.
Nefti makes a welcome returns with Vitality in tow who provides an unmistakingly Prodigy-esque relick of 2013's hardcore breaks anthem 'Music Takes Me Higher', complete with breakneck speed beats, rapturous pads, phatt rave riffs and pulsating bassline to boot.

Rounding off the collection we have Raveskool Recordings head honcho, the legendary Paul Cronin foin forces with GLOWKiD to bring you 'The Ardcore Crew', an invigourating fusion of heavyweight amens, ragga style piano melodies and vocal snippets of the Strictly NuSkool Blog's figurehead generously sprinkled throughout to encourage all worldwide Generation X Crew's to get dancing!!!
'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew’ perfectly captures that vintage, early nineties hardcore spirit of all night raves, euphoric breaks, bass and stabs and "up for it" ravers, and adds a potent helping of 2020 attitude to the format. If you have a passion for upfront and uplifting oldskool vibes, then you need this collection in your music library!!!

For a sample of the rave-madness featured on the album, check out GLOWKiD's very latest GLOWBUZZ episode below...

The 'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew’ is availble to download from digital stores on 03/04/20, with Limited Edition Unmixed CD's up for grabs from the Sonic Fortress webstore on 20/03/20 (www.sonicfortress.com).

Follow the artists and labels featured via the links below...

Amaretto... https://soundcloud.com/amaretto_old_skool
Amiga Breaks... https://binarybeats.net
Beats Are Broken... https://soundcloud.com/awtudella
Damage Inc. ... https://soundcloud.com/sonicfortress
Insane & Mind... https://soundcloud.com/insanehoh
Monks & Mort... https://soundcloud.com/user-576722023
Nefti... www.soundcloud.com/nefti
Orestiz... https://soundcloud.com/orestiz
Paul Cronin... https://soundcloud.com/paulc9898
Schnez... https://soundcloud.com/schnez-ng
Spiral S... https://soundcloud.com/pressure-spirals
TNO Project... https://soundcloud.com/dj-lukeass
Vitality... https://soundcloud.com/vitality
Yudaidhun... www.soundcloud.com/yudaidhun


Intensive Recordings...

Sonic Fortress...

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