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"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (14OCT.2014)

So.. The new radio season (2014-2015) has already started and from now on you can catch me up live on a new home like Planet Rave Radio( every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm UK Time.

And...Back again to one of my loveliest sections of this Blog, the TOP 10 tunes of the GenX show for this week running as selected in a random row. 
Starting with number 10 and Hull's Nu-Rave established producer/DJ Pursuit on his first personal EP, forthcoming release on KODE 5 Recordings, with a great piano breaks tune like ''In Heaven Baby''. On number 9, Tony Jungle ( tries a 1993 oldskool breakbeat vibe and does it really well as it seems as Fringe from Canada offering a new dark breakbeat roller on the 12th release of Switchblade Digital, which is out now to all major digital stores. Following with the number 7, and the Polish duet Dubsknit & PZG who have both collaborated to set up an amazing album titled 'We Rob Rave LP', which will be out on Intruz Clothing on a limited edition of 500 CDs only (Feeling grateful to the guys having a promo of this release!)
Ravevolver from France is a producer/dj since late 90s keepin alive that oldskool pure rave feeling on his tunes, from Techno to Hardcore Jungle. 'Let Da Rave Go On' is an impressive 140 Hardcore Breaks tune showing off his talent to the masses.
Number 5 takes us to Hungary and Kruppstahl, my 'soundtrack producer' for this week, as I was listening to his tunes these days and admired his outstanding work from his early project (Miskolic Sound System) till now. 'Mortal Kombat' is a total jungaal damage! Get into it!
The return of Paul Cronin on number 4 and a wicked forthcoming EP called 'Future EP' out from San Fransisco Nights Records. 'Future' is a common Cronin nu-rave bomb, such as all other 4 tracks of the EP keep on rollin like...hell!!
The very talented United Stated Beat Squad is sitting on Number 3 with his acid-warehouse influenced remix on Exit Point's 'Party Weekend'. Both tracks are available on free download on Exit Point's Soundcloud page. 
Moving to Japan and Limited Toss who's celebrating the launch of 'Party Party LP' on Merry Works and a tune oldskool tekno based like 'For Rave Master' which is off the Album but is a stunning gem!!
Last tune featured on the 'TOP10 of this Week' is a true 'Odie' to every Hardcore nation! Schnez from UK delivers some monster stabs on a free download tune out from Long Live The Animals release 'Rat 2 The Old Skool EP Vol.3'

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-14th October 2014)

10. Pursuit - In Heaven Baby [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
09. Tony Jungle - Underground Sound
08. Fringe - He's Nuts [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
07. Dubsknit & PZG - The Juke Experience [INTRUZ CLOTHING]
06. Raveolver - Let Da Rave Go On
05. Kruppstahl - Mortal Kombat
03. Exit Point - Party Weekend (USBS Remix)
02. Limited Toss - For Rave Master
01. Schnez - Odie [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

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