Sunday, 16 February 2014

Introducing the Nu-Rave 'young blood':: Luffy (HU) & DJ Sashay (RU)

We all know that Oldskool never died.. It keeps on pumping inside us through our beloved 'nu-rave' rhythms.
The outstanding thing is that 2 young guys from different countries feel exactly the same, like all of us do and make it reel!
Luffy from Hungary is a 20yr old producer and oldskool happy hardcore fan (label lover of Kniteforce, Impact, Asylum, Slammin Vinyl). He makes some impressive tunes focused on happy hardcore, breakbeat hardcore & hard trance. Deffo worth to check him out if you run a label or are into nu-rave scene in general. Hardcore from youth!

DJ Sashay from Russia ( is also a 20yr old producer and big fan of The Prodigy, Infected Mushroom, Scooter, Pendulum and the mid-90s rave scene. His style is mixed like trip hop, uplifting trance, ambient but I'm about to give some great feedback for his 'hardcore' ones, which I'm already promoting through my radio show on Nu-Rave Radio like I do with Luffy's work too.

Tunes like 'Underground Culture'  My Generation', 'Illegal Party' and 'Infinite Happiness' are great signs from Russia, keeping the vibe alive! Need your straight attention..

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