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Exclusive Greg Sin Key Interview 4 Strictly NuSkool Blog + Free Mini Mix Download.

Poland's relationship with oldskool influenced breakbeat styles has been a long lasting one. So it's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to speak with one of Poland's breaks forerunners Greg Sin Key.
With a musical career spanning from as far back as 1998. Greg has been a major player in many event organisation and DJ collectives, including the Hard Time Crew, Pandemonium with DJ No Name, Positive Formation, as well founder of the Lump Deejays and Mind The Gap with MC Goofyman. This involvement has taken him throughout many venues in Poland, from his hometown in Lodz, Cracow, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Tricity, Polish Pomerania and Zlin in the Czech Republic. As a DJ, Greg has mixed alongside Slipmatt, Ratpack, Swan E, the Stanton Warriors, Damage Inc., Junki Munki and The Flashback Project as well as Poland's own Base Club, Sonic Trip, Adam Faz and Mk Fever to name a few.

Greg's influences cover a broad range of styles and genres ranging from oldskool hardcore, jungle and drum & bass to dubstep, future jungle and breakbeat. As a music producer Greg isn't a stranger to the Nu-Rave/hardcore breaks scene either, operating under his previous pseudonym, Essex since 2009, he has releases on both Intensive Recordings and Urban Impulz Records.

- Hi Greg. You've been hugely involved in pushing the rave scene in Poland. Both as a DJ and event organiser. Can you tell me what was your first event and how it went down?

- It all began in 1998 when I , together with my friends , organized a party in a small pub called " U Mańka", which could hold 50 people only. We had no idea how to do it. We manually drew our leaflets and we distributed them around the people’s houses who we wanted to see at our gig. At the day of the event , the gramophones broke down and we mixed the music from cassettes . Nevertheless the party went great , the venue was full of people and everybody was satisfied.

- How is the rave scene like in Poland at present, and where would you recommend any travelling ravers to visit?

- Unfortunately not enough. We have around 5 gigs a year if we are talking about rave music only. I would recommend parties in Tricity (by Adam Faz) , Torun, Bydgoszcz and Lublin where rave is still alive and the parties are being held from time to time. Occasionally Krakow or Bialystok with their "Secret Location" series. All to all , Lodz is the place where the intensity of such parties is the highest. Regarding the clubs all the famous rave clubs has vanished , rave is being played in lots of different venues these days.

- Now everyone has a tale of some sort of comedy moment while out clubbing. What has been the funniest thing that you have witnessed at a rave event. As either a DJ or a raver?

- Once in "Kontrasty" I played as Essex and while I was setting up the DJ equipment some guy came up and started to play with the stuff on his own. One MC run up and tried to push him out but the dude resisted claiming he knows what he is doing and he is DJ Essex not me!

- As a DJ do you prefer mix with vinyl, CD or digital technology? And what is your stance on the shift towards digital DJ-ing formats? Help or a hinderance?

- I prefer vinyl discs but this music no longer exists on this type of carrier. Therefore I am forced to play from CDs or other stuff. I think young DJs should start their journey by playing on vinyls because nowadays everybody can be a DJ, buying a controller , pressing the sync button and everything is done effortless, but this is not what it’s about. This trend is harmful. This is not the case of the CD or vinyl they should know what they are doing. I respect the true DJs. Even Paris Hilton tries her best without taking shortcuts.

- Your musical productions are firmly set in the nuskool hardcore and breakbeat music scenes. Can you describe what attracted you to this kind of music?

- They have much in common with old skool hardcore , which I used to play at the very beginning of my career. In breakbeat music I like the rhythm and simplicity. The beat is broken as the name suggests. The have a leading theme. In hardcore breaks there is a piano and vocals and they keep close with old school hard core and jungle you can literally hear the elements of the oldskool there.

- Can you remember what was the first dance tune that got you into the music?

- In 1992 when I was 12 years old , my elder brother Damian played a CD "Thunderdome" with a Doberman dog on the front page. So far I do not remember which track it was? There were few tracks I liked. After a week he week he brought "The Prodigy Experience" cassette. That was it. I fell in love.

- Name 5 tracks which helped to influence your musical style.

- It began in 2002 when I was little frustrated. I didn’t really know what I like and what I would like to play as a DJ or to quit even. It drastically changed when I discovered "Finger Lickin".

Going further this way here is my top 5 tracks that made my taste now :
1/ Plump Djs The Push.

2/ Freestylers Get Down Massive.

3/ Stanton Warriors Da Antidote.

4/ Azido Da Bass Doom's Night.

5/ Drummatic Twins Mind The Gap.

- Are there any artists that you rate in the scene at the moment?

- Slipmatt, for his versatility and because he is a great producer and a great DJ. The Plump DJs , who taught me to mix odd sounds that do not necessarily match. As for Polish artists, DJ Mono , because of his craftsmanship at decks , from the younger generation DJ Nefti, because his sets and productions are top notch. There are many artists that deserve respect and a word but this would take long hours .

- Have you any new music that you are working on at the moment? Feel free to plug any future tunes.

- Currently I am working on 2 tracks that are more into nu jungle with elements of darkside and dubstep. They are going to be released under the brand new " Mind the Gap " project by Kut Off Records.

- And finally, you recently celebrated your 15th anniversary working in the music scene with a massive club night. Would you like to sum up how it went?
- The 15 year anniversary was a amazing party with amazing people. My friends from Poland and other countries. I wanna thank all the DJ's , especially Damage Inc, Flashback and Retropolis.
Thanks for those few questions. Greetings to all and let the music carry you through life.


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Discography -

- Essex - "Your Thing (Mind Edit)" - "Ravepublic Of Poland Presents: Hardcore Breaks Element # 1" - Intensive Recordings / Sloagen Records (2009)
- Essex - "DISCO 2010 EP" - Urban Impulz Records (2009)
- Project Jack Sparrow "Live Together (Essex Remix)" Urban Impulz Records (2010)
- Nefti - "Strike It Up Remixes EP (Greg Sin Key Remix)" Intensive Recordings (2010)

- Greg Sin Key - "The Trap EP" - Urban Impulz Records (2010)
- Essex - "Impact Over EP" - Urban Impulz Records (2010)
- Base Club "Back Again (Greg Sin Key Remix)" Uraban Impulz Records (2011)
- Greg Sin Key - "Crimewatch" Single (2011)
- Greg Sin Key - "Waiting For The Night" Intensive Recordings (2011)
- Greg Sin Key - "No Time To Waste" Single (2011)
- Oneplayz "Wake Up (Greg Sin Key Remix)" Single (2012)
- Greg Sin Key - "Party" Single (2012)

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