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LIQUID Interview for Strictly NuSkool Blog

Bangface 2012 - Image by Emma Gutteridge Photography

The man behind the huge successful 90s anthem 'Sweet Harmony, LIQUID is being interviewed on Strictly NuSkool Blog and we are honoured sharing it with all of you!

- Firstly, let's take things back in time..Try to remember please your early days and tell us how did all start with your passion to the oldskool music and what was the main influence.

My main influence, house music wise, was Chicago and New York house.
I was heavily-influenced by Marshall Jefferson, labels like Nu Groove, Trax Records and a lot of the early tracks hitting the UK. What drove me into making tracks was the feeling, as Belgian techno, was moving away from the soul of the scene that I loved. I used to – and still do love – certain labels like R&S, but a lot of the imports coming into the record shop I was working in just sounded like noise to me.

- What is your most memorable Liquid experience all these years till now? Something that you would like to share with us..

So, so many. Honestly, coming to Greece in 1995 was a real highlight (I think it was 95, my memory has been a little affected) and playing two huge shows, one in Athens and one Thessaloniki. Other than that, we once went on for a live set in Firestones, Orlando and it was incredible and a memorable trip for good and bad reasons....

- Tell us please 5 artists from the oldskool era that you rate to this day

Slipmatt, Mark Archer and Shades of Rhythm are my favourite (and in no particular order, really). Mainly because they’re humble, great guys. I love the way artists like 4Hero and Nightmares On Wax have developed.

- I remember the last time that i saw you performing live, was about 2 yrs ago on Plissken Festival in Athens.. You are one of the most beloved producers in Greece all these years. What is your best moment from all your visits in Greece. Anything that comes straight into your mind when they give you these 2 key words: "Liquid/Greece''

Like I said before, it has always been amazing coming to Greece; I love the people. Many years ago, I wasn’t always on my best behavior but promoters such as Alex Drakos were so tolerant of me! 

Plissken was such a great festival, a fantastic team behind it. I had some technical issues that evening so hope to be back playing for them again one day.

- Lets enter to the chapter 'Liquid-8'...In 2010 you were djing on a legendary gig in Athens along with Mark Archer (one half from Altern 8), and then teamed up with him for the Liquid-8 project. Tell us about the spirit & the idea of this project and if there will be any future releases.

We had a great time that night, it was a killer atmosphere and it was a great trip overall. I knew Mark a little, but we got to know each other far better that weekend and decided to do some tracks. We thought Liquid-8 was a funny idea, too.
There will be more tracks in 2014, but less pianos and more techno. Mark wants to do an album called “Ullo, can I speak to Mark Archer pur-lease” but I won’t let him! He comes from the north of England, they are very strange up there!

- Sparky meets Liquid and MC Spyda close to this massive conspiracy..How did the ‘Dub Hooligan’ project come out?

From my love of dub and reggae, basically. A producer I’d been working in the studio with, called Sparky, and I created all the music and I don’t think Spyda could have done a better job voicing the tracks. Mek Dem Gwan is still one of my proudest musical moments.

- Oldskool movement gave its place to 21century's Nu-Rave movement. Do you agree with this one? Tell us please if there is any essential nuskool/nu-rave act/dj/producer that has drawn your attention nowadays and how do you see the future of 'rave'.

Honestly, I don’t know enough about it to have a strong opinion. I still think of nuskool as the breaks scene that Adam Freeland and Stanton Warriors came out of, and I love Stanton Warriors.

Future of rave? Don’t know. Maybe it’s my age, but I see it all as house music still and all the wide and various genres are still all rooted in the house music era.

- What are your future plans musically and your forthcoming gigs?

I have taken a bit of time out to spend time with my daughter in her early months, years and now she’s over 2 and getting right back into it. I have a few collaborations planned for 2014, gigs already in the diary and lot’s of Liquid stuff planned.

My New Year’s Eve show got cancelled few days ago. The beauty of having my adorable family is that it just means I get to spend a (rare) NYE at home.

- Thank you a lot for taking your time answering the questions, appreciate it a lot! Looking forward to your next performance in Greece and every place who wants to live the Liquid buzz !

I hope to see you in Greece in 2014, definitely. Big up!


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