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SPARKI DEE Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- A big welcome to the Radio DJ, producer and music lover Sparki Dee..
  Let's start your trip to the Nu-Rave scene taking you back in your youth.
  When did your music passion start and what was your main influence?

The music has always been in me right from the start, I started listening to dance music at a silly age. When rave was all over the top 40 here in the UK in the early to mid 90s I instantly took on board that sound and loved it. As time went on I started to muck about with sounds of a few music programs and games on the Playstation 1, which gave me an idea of how to put a track together. My main influences have been The Prodigy and Goldie along with many others but these two always stood out. When I started producing properly in 2004 that was what I would listen to the most just to get some ideas before I started making a track.

- Tell us please what 'Radio DJing' means to you, when did you have your first show  ever and few things about your current radio show.

I first started in 2007 running a radio station by myself, it was very short lived but it was my first go at DJing on the radio online. I picked up that baton again in 2009 and successfully ran a station called Shadow FM for three years where  I gave new up and coming DJ's the chance to get going whilst also giving some of the older DJ's another go to revive their careers, in between that I also mixed on Unity Radio and Essex Beatz for a short time. In February 2012, I joined Nu Rave Radio, as I had given up Shadow by then, this has been my home ever since.
I still mix live on the station and absolutely love it, my shows are geared mainly towards rave breaks, 140 jungle, drum n bass and the odd bit of old skool hardcore.
I also support the Amiga demo scene and play out unsigned artists on a regular basis, I also get sent up coming releases to play out so that the producers get their well earned exposure.
I had a slot on Charge FM for a couple of months, they were a leading Essex dance station and were making a comeback, I enjoyed my time on there. In April I started on Spice Radio where I usually alternate the music offering and the styles change every week. I treat Nu Rave as the feeder show for all the new genres coming through that need heavily promoting and Spice is for playing all the music I love through most genres. Radio DJing means a lot to me because I am promoting music that I love and overall its the buzz that makes me want to do it every single week.

- The chapter 'producing' is essential to you.. Lots of quality productions, from rave breaks, drum n bass, to future jungle and chill out, downtempo.  I'd like you to tell us which genre expresses you mostly and give us your  TOP 3 productions

I'd say that Rave Breaks and Drum n Bass is what people know me for these days. Back when I first started making music I stuck rigidly to jump drum n bass and rarely strayed from that. Since time has gone on I think I have managed to make a name for myself in the rave breaks/breaks scene much more now, I feel I have found another sound that I am happy with so its these two genres that I think I am most known for. 
My top three porductions I'd say would have to be "Uplift Me" (which is currently out on KODE 5 Recordings) "Energize 92" (which will be out on Rave Style'e soon) and a free collaboration track I did with long time friend XJ Matt, which is called "Take Flight (Heaven's Waiting)" that was probably my first proper dip into atmospheric future jungle. 

- Well I have to admit that your latest release on KODE 5 Recordings, "Uplift Me" was a very big tune and a strong proof of all good things happening to the NuSkool/NuRave scene. How many releases are you counting at the moment, and which are your plans in the near future? Any forthcoming stuff?

At present I have plans to release more music on KODE 5 Recordings, they are a great little lable who push such forward thinking music. I have quite a few tracks on the go with many ideas, I just need to finish them! I am also on Rave Style'e Recordings as well and
 will be releasing an EP of four tracks which are all rave breaks with that tell tale old skool hardcore sound. I plan to release a vocal drum n bass track on DDR very soon so I have lots of music to be putting out. I am very busy with music production wise and this is what's keeping me ticking over, I love to be busy producing and having fun in the progress. Keep an eye out for my Bandcamp page where I will be releasing some of my more obsure downtempo and left of the field type tracks.

- Name your TOP 5 nuskool/nurave tunes of 2013

This year my TOP 5 tracks would be the following (in no particular order)

Auntie Susan - 1993
Paul Cronin - No Love Sensation
Sy Kick - Nasty (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
DJ Nexus - Loads A Hardcore
Moody Bootleggers ft. Sass - One Sided

- Is there anything you would like to mention about your Guest Mix on the Blog?

Its packed full of absolute belters that will bound to at least make your head nod!

- Anyone you want to send your greetings or something extra you want to say?

Just want to big up all those that continue to support me by listening to my radio shows and buying my music. There so many people to mention but I'll give a few shouts off the top of my head.
NuRave Management: For letting me play on the start week in week out
Sass: For recommending me to Nu Rave
Spice Radio Management: Again for letting me play live on air
KODE 5: Fore releasing my new single
Tariq Ziyad: For his help and guidance along the way with up and coming talent in general he's just a really nice guy.
Can't think of anyone else at the moment but I just want to say big shouts to everyone who knows meand enjoys what I play and produce.

SPARKI DEE Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

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