Thursday, 17 October 2013

DJ MARK C Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- So Mark, let’s go back….Tell me a few things about your youth age…When and how did you start catching up with the whole rave buzz?

It all started in 1992 when I was give a couple of rave tapes - DJ Ratty @ Obsession 3rd Dimension then a Producer & Grooverider mix tape from Universe – Mind, Body & Soul. The raw energy and vibe I felt from these tapes had me hooked straight away, immediately I needed more of this music and so the rave tape collection began…..!!
In 1993 I brought some turntables which led to me mixing and collecting records, a passion of mine I continue to this day. At this point I was also enjoying the rave scene, going to Futureland, Dreamscape, Dreamworld and Wonderland. This sound, this vibe and this music has been a huge part of my life from then and continues to be now.

- Tell me about your first ever production & your productions in general...Which kind of hardware (or software) do you like to work with?

When I started making tunes a Hip Hop DJ I knew set me up using Reason, it really makes a huge difference if you know someone who already uses the software!!
My first production went out as a “untitled”, even so it didn’t do too badly. At that point I knew I needed to make more and to do this I also had a lot more to learn, Yell O Phase went on to remix this tune for me. As for my productions; I always make my own riffs and layered down drum loops, some with effects added – I like a raw sound.

- How do you see the future? Most of us insist that oldskool will be always alive!  Do you think that nurave producers are following seriously this quote nowadays?

Hardcore Will Never Die!!
Even some of the original artists from back in the day are producing again, only this week Manix aka 4 Hero have released the “Living in the Past” EP and the big raves such as Fantazia are still holding nights full of oldskool rave and nu skool breaks. Along with Vinyl Junkie having just released “Can’t Go Back” I think it all shows the scene is very much alive and banging!

- Which are your essential oldskool acts and your top 10 tunes ever?
This really is the hardest question of the interview so here goes….

 1. Alphawace EP
 2. Kay 9 - Music in my Mind
 3. DJ Jinx - Devotion
 4. Secret Squirrel - vol.2 - b2
 5. Freestyle & DJ R - Ter 44
 6.  Lifeline - In Control
 7. Burning Chrome - Powermove
 8. Criminal Set - Dreamscape
 9. Formula 7 - Dark Star
10. Bizzy B - Slow Jam

And I had to add it to my list….My favourite act is Altern8

- Your future music plans? Any forthcoming DJing or releases?

I plan to try and get some DJ work but I only use vinyl, I am pleased to say I don’t even own a pair of CDJ’s!
Music production wise, it’s an exciting time with lots of new things coming up! Starting with a tune coming out on Kode 5 at the end of October, also 4 track EP on long live the animals along side Nicky Allen. Along side this a remix of my tune “Axe Factor” and a remix for DJ Seduction’s oldskool label “impact records”. On top of all that there will also be more of my own work, as I like to be able to give anyone who follows my music so free tunes!!

- As you've already told me, your guest mix on Generation X [RadioShow] was your first one ever made & that you've never been interviewed before too
I'm very glad for being the first to get in touch with you like this & would like to thank you for participating on the show & this interview.
Wish you always to be strong, keeping it real as a true spirit and pushing out your known buzz to the people!
Big shout out mr C

Is there anything you have to say to end up or anyone you want to thank, send greets etc. ?

Big thanks to……
 - Allan at Kode5 for giving me the push I needed to make tunes, all his help and advise.
- MC Si the Sigh for all his help, especially when I am scratching my head over new software or on the computer!
- Vinyl Junkie for letting me buy all his good records!
- My girlfriend Lou for putting up with all the Bass and the hours I am tucked away in my studio!
- Wayne Smith for our Super Sunday mixing sessions!
- Also a big shout out to : Long Live the Animals, Paranoid Recordings , Rinse Repeat, Tariq Ziyad, Glowkid, DJ TK421

…………..and of course a massive shout out to all the people who follow or understands my style of music

DJ MARK C Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog


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