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DJ LibAtee (Rave Style'e Owner) Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- You started your career djing in early 90s.. What was your main influence to enter djing and how were these oldschool days in your town as a youth?

What started it all off for me was Electro in the early 80's then when I first saw Breakin' the Movie, I watched Chris the glove Taylor and thought WOW I want to do that! the scratching he did to ICE T's Reckless was immense.
But the closest I got was damaging my old mans vinyl on the Amstrad in the front room. That was until the early 90's when the Rave scene really took hold of the youth in the UK. My first set of decks were belt drive citronics of which I was on religiously and my obsession for vinyl took of from there.

- Tell us please something that you will never forget from that days.. 
It could be a party, event, gig or anything weird that is stuck on your mind

I think one of the fondest memories I have was the unity the music brought to people, the tape swapping at school, I mean kids now days swap card games, pokemon or whatever, we were swapping the latest Fantazia or moondance tapes. 
LOL Oh and can't forget going to Raves and having Bouncy Castles indoors. Who'd have thought that this was a good idea.

-  You are a great member & radio dj of the mighty Nu-Rave.com for the last 4 years.. How did you take the decision of starting radio djing and how did you enter the Nu-Rave world?

I kinda stumbled upon Nu-rave.com. I moved back from living in Newquay for 5yrs and got some decks again, I was record shopping in my favourite record shop Standout (rip) buying second hand oldskool when I came across Tornado records vol 1. took it home put it on the 1210 and thought OMG this is good. 
I found nu-rave. So after that I was hooked on buying everything nu-rave I could get from Junki Munki records to Repeat Offender records. I then found Choons.net and started uploading mixes, I met Nicky Allen in the forums and after chatting to him for about a year he suggested nu-rave.com in early 2009. So I went to the site. signed up to the forum and met so many like minded people. 
After a while I got to know Kidson and he offered me a 1 hour slot on the radio, I jumped at the chance. then off the back of that Kidson offered me a regular slot. So in November 2009 'The Random Rave Show' was born and thankfully still going strong today.

- Tell us few info about your radioshow at the moment, and what new listeners should expect to hear on that.

The show has really grown over the years, It went from being just me until I met Geezah who has the same style of mixing and the same tastes in music, to joining forces and turning Saturday evenings into a 4 hour Random Rave Show. I think the name of the show speaks for itself. We have no boundaries on genre's, BPM, Oldskool or nuskool we just love the music, enjoy playing and hope this comes across in our shows.

- Let's move to the big chapter "Rave Stylee" now.. Give us an introduction and few words about the history, the releases and bring us the spirit of this label

It was Kidson who started Rave Style'e and he signed all the artists up until RSE008, but due to commitments he had with other ventures he asked if I would like to manage the label, of course I said HELL YEAH! so we relaunched and released the full back cat. then he decided to move away from the label and asked if I wanted it. 
Of course my answer was yes. And I love it. I think its my chance to give something back to the scene. If i could sum up the label in one word it would be "UPLIFTING"

-  Forthcoming plans and releases on Rave Stylee? 

I think the future of the label will hopefully branch into some faster breaks maybe some 95 160+ tracks but keeping with the uplifting piano and stabs kinda tunes. but who knows, as long as the musics good we'll put it out for the people. We have some really strong EP's coming this year, last month Pursuit dropped with the 'Shaken not stirred EP' of which I Love. we have DJ Pink Champagne coming this month with the 'Love is a Drug EP'
Stoked about that 1 and I'm really excited about our new Find JRS and his track
'Missed you 92'.

- Any words or comments you'd like to add about your Guest Mix on the Blog 

It's a mix of Rave Style'e tracks and upcoming releases and some of the tracks that are in my heart at the moment. All of the tracks are or will be available at Ravedowload.com

- Anyone you'd like to send your greets or anything extra you'd like to say? 

Yeah first off thanks to you guys at Strictlynuskool for the interview. and thanks and love to (kidson-nickyallen-Pi-geezah-mulder-resin-Retropolis-tentun-daboyz-scattyone-scribbledee-menace-exitpoint-pink champagne-JRS-dj jimmy-gavley-cutters choice-jamie rotten-ritchiek-dazbreaks-Fleck-dj flow) and anyone else I've missed. 

I love the scene, the people and especially the music. 


DJ LibAtee Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

Rave Style'e:  www.facebook.com/ravestylee

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