Tuesday, 17 November 2020

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN:: Kingsize & Eternity - Muzik Is Da Key 12" Vinyl [Unreleased Dubplate from 1997!]

Oldskool crew!
An exciting campaign has been recently set up in the Kickstarter, this time by one of the mightiest UK duets in Happy Hardcore. It's Kingsize & Eternity, well-known from their successful rollers running also for a short time their own imprint, Class A Records.
The campaign is about getting on Vinyl a dubplate from 1997 called 'Muzik Is Da Key'.

"If we hit target, we can get it pressed with the dubplate version of You Belong To Me on the flip. Will need 75 backers at £10.00 or more to pay for the press."

16 days left... Beware of that and join in to add this gem into your Vinyl collection.

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