Sunday, 2 August 2020


It took a couple of years, specifically 12, to taste a new DJ Deluxe album, but never late than ever isn't it?

'I, ROSE' is the title of his brand new album coming out digitally via his own imprint Lazarus Recordings Bandcamp page.
And this one must be his very best and complete work so far. A release which means a lot to the artist himself as self-stated that 'Sometimes you have to be broken to fix yourself'
DJ Deluxe is reborn among the ashes giving his varied Hardcore approach for this new decade we're running.

And what a quality work that is!
Loads of highlight tracks to mention. From the opener 'Just A Game' where Steve gets his breakbeat sword fighting against 80s bits and Dayne Taylor on a 175 bpm level, to his fair tribute to Aviici; a piano Breakbeat Hardcore roller that gets a good feeling not sometimes but everytime you'll listen to that.
'So Soothing' calls you all to get your arse on the dancefloor and dance to the rushing pianos and stompy rhythms. Of course none can skip one of the heaviest tracks of this cut, as DJ Deluxe likes to be as harder as it can get. 'Noise (Fuckin' Filthy)' is a serious monster, dirty bass all over it. Something that would remind you probably a bit of 'Pandora' by Dave Skywalker. An album that delivers diversity of styles, thus you won't get bored at all.
Ten new tracks for every preference and pleasure. Ten ultimate tracks that follow his 2008 'Tales From The Dirtbox' and celebrate one of the exceptional Nu-Rave musicians.
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  1. This album is simply a modern day classic. Big ups Deluxe!!!