Wednesday, 6 February 2019

[Destroy Oh Boy] Various Artists - Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 2 [Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Sum - True Dark.
2/ Ronin - Folding Device.
3/ Wayne Lonesome & Erik E - Techno Melody.
4/ Dr Colossus - Destroy Dem Soundboy VIP.
5/ The Artbreaker - 29th.

Hot on the heels of t's previous various artists instalment, 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 2' sees the label drop a quintet of genre defying, breakbeat and bassline driven soundscapes from the cream of the underground scene's most boundary pushing talent.

We are first plunged into the realms of breakcore junglism with Sum's sinister 'True Dark', a track which expertly combines ominous movie snippets with skin-crawling strings to ramp up the tension, whilst battering the listener with razor-sharp drum programming.
The pressure continues with Ronin's frantic footwork, drum & bass hybrid 'Folding Device', which delivers a potent payload of skittish breaks, thundering bass pulses and a flurry of futuroid, acid flourishes and FX. 

Up next we drop the tempo back a few notches as Erik E joins forces with Kingstonian ragga don, Wayne Lonesome to drop some heavweight, dancehall vibes with the brutalist 'Tekno Melody', before the good Dr Colossus sets up practice and hits us with some precision crafted, ragga-breakcore mayhem with his tearing 'Destroy Dem Soundboy VIP'.

Rounding off the collection, The Artbreaker lays down a deceivingly soothing, pad driven intro to his track, '29th' before unleashing a full-on, amen jungle assault complete with cavernous, Reese bass drones to create a perfect blend of darkness and light elements.

Once again, the Destroy Oh Boy camp present another eclectic selection of radically experimental rave music that would most certainly find itself at home, tearing up the dancfloor at the likes of Bangface. Open your mind and ears and get yourself in on some D.O.B. action, NOW!!! 

The 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 2' EP is available to download now for "A Name Your Price" fee from the official Destroy Oh Boy Bandcamp page.

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