Sunday, 10 February 2019

[CTX06] CHRISSY - Resilience [3 x 12" & Digital LP - CHIWAX]

Early of late Autumn time, the ever busy & versatile US musician, Chrissy (former Chrissy Murderbot) has revealed his plans about his new stuff in progress, while opening his soul completely for something that wouldn't be just reminiscence but a type of a revolutionary sound in terms of how all started with Rave back then.

"The album is inspired by the early-'90s rave records that got me into dance music in the first place, with nods to jungle and Chicago house"

'Resilience' is the name of Chrissy's brand new personal album, divided in 3 parts, each one's offering its own character & sound while retaining the same core of spirit. Available on 12" Vinyl EPs; and late March all tunes on digital format, this album is full of timemachine memories, catchy pianos, choppy breakbeats, smiley bass and warehouse bleeps that will surely attract you into his brand new world of resilience.
Noteworthy to mention a few guests involved on this astonishing work, namely the vocalist Carrie Wilds, DJ/singer Maria Amor and Techno don Dean Grenier.

As officially stated this album "calls on the classic rave sounds of Chrissy's Midwestern youth to explore themes of love, positivity, perserverence, acceptance, and the fight against cynicism."

All in all, this is by all means one of the best releases of the year, and not at all early enough to admit that, because it has that element that wants to display, thus it scores in everything!
Furthermore, you may keep your eyes peeled for Chrissy's sets and DJ gigs as well as his session entitled 'My Year Mixtapes' and of course his installments on his own imprints, Cool Ranch and The Nite Owl Diner.

Chrissy is certainly an artist to watch and follow, and you won't get disappointed at all...

'Resilience' [3x 12"/Digital LP - CHIWAX - sublabel of RAWAX]
Pre-Order the 12" EPs HERE
Digital album coming out on 30th March

Artwork by Patrick Lotilla




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