Saturday, 9 February 2019

[ADRUK 001] Sparki Dee - Creatures EP [Available To Download Now From Addiction Records UK!!!]

1/ Creature.
2/ Run Tings.
3/ Cold Sweat.
4/ Rack Off.

Brand new digital Music label, Addiction Records UK unveils it's debut release from the multi-talented beat-fiend, Sparki Dee who introduces us to some fresh and heavy drum & bass to rattle your bassbins. The Strictly NuSkool Blog gets it's bass-face ready to investigate the 'Creatures EP'...

First up we encounter title track, 'Creature' a full-on, 200mph slice of hectic drum & bass composed of eclectic vocal samples, an exhilarating, trance-style melody and tearing Tramen breakbeat that'll get your heart racing full-pelt. 
Next we have 'Run Tings', a moody bassline driven number complete with dark, ominous pads, rolling, layered breaks and hysterical, vocal screeches to set your nerves on edge.

'Cold Sweat' sees Sparki throw down some more amen mayhem, accented with Phantom Audio style pitch changes, monstrous reversed bass patterns and a choice selection of 'psycho' movie snippets and female vocals to add in a little atmospheric variation. 
Rounding off the collection in a heavyweight fashion we have 'Rack Off', which pulls out all the stops to hit you with a combination of thundering breaks, rasping synth notes, melancholic guitar riffs and bubbling acidic elements.

If innovative and inventive drum & bass is what you desire to liven up your music collection, then make sure you add this one to your next digital shopping basket. You'll be glad you did!!!

Sparki Dee's 'Creatures EP' is available to download now for £4, in any digital format that you may desire, from the official Addiction Records UK Bandcamp page.

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