Wednesday, 3 October 2018

[PTDUB002] Engineers Without Fears / DJ Rap / Lavery - Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Pre-Order Now From Propa Talent!!!]

A1 - Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura (Original Mix).
B1 - DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Get Raw Mix '94).
B2 - Lavery - Spiritual Aura (Jungle Mix '18).

DJ Rap has long held the title as a bonafide Queen of the jungle since the birth of the scene, and has in turn created many an undisputed anthem over the years, none more iconic than her collaboration with fellow Engineers Without Fears member, Aston Harvey
For the Propa Talent label's second vinyl release, DJ Rap presents 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura', which sees the original drum & bass blueprint receive a crisp remaster alongside Rap's very own, mid-nineties remix and Lavery's brand new 2018 re-imagining.

We are first introduced to a veritable template for the emerging intelligent jungle / drum & bass scene, with Engineers Without Fears' 1993 classic 'Spiritual Aura (Original Mix)', a highly potent blend of rapid-fire breaks, undulating bassline and soaring pads accented by luscious female vocal sighs which expertly combined both rough and smooth elements to create havoc on the dancefloors during the early nineties and beyond. 

One year later we were introduced to DJ Rap flexing her solo production skills to deliver an epic, amen break driven rework with the 'Spiritual Aura (Get Raw Mix '94)'. A fierce slice of precision crafted jungle which focused more on tight drum-programming and booming bass as opposed to the more euphoric original mix prior.

To complete the collection we are presented with a tearing 2018 update from Sub Code Records founder, Lavery who drops his ruff and rugged 'Spiritual Aura (Jungle Mix '18)', which reverently pays homage to the Golden days of jungle with it's use of layered amen and 'Think' breaks, whilst adding contemporary production values into the mix.

As there has been a musical shift in recent years which has seen the original, authentic jungle and drum & bass template revisited and expanded on by new producers. There is no better reason to get your hands on this exquisitely remastered piece of musical history.   

DJ Rap's 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura' 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now from the Official Propa Talent webstore for £12.00 plus postage and packaging, and comes with an exclusive, singed DJ Rap photo. 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura' is expected to be ready for delivery from 09/10/18. But you better be quick, as these are strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide and are expected to fly out the door!!! 

(EDIT - as of today there are now only 50 copies left so do not hesitate!!!).

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