Sunday, 28 October 2018

PRVEP002:: VA PARANOID RECORDINGS 2 [Crowdfunding - 12" Vinyl; EP / tunes by DJ Gaffer/RenegadeGenius/Simon Harris]

A1 - Gaffer - Run The Scene
A2 - RenegadeGenius - All Over Again
B1 - RenegadeGenius - Nothing Compares To Hardcore
B2 - Simon Harris - F***ng Rip Off Man

When we deal with Hardcore Breaks then we should not skip on Paranoid Recordings, the almighty and hard working label from London and its great management behind like Gaffer & RenegadeGenius.

The truth is that every year turns to be repeatedly outstanding in regards with 'vinyl releases'.
Seems unreal but its a fact that year by year 12" Vinyl releases have rised up within the scene. Furthermore there are more undeground labels born, even more producers and extra motivation & passion.
Thus, Paranoid crew have made up their minds to re-release Vinyl again after a couple of years and this time it will be strictly a Vinyl release aside digital versions of the tracks.

At first hand, this is a Qrates crowdfunding project, which means that all fans are called to purchase this project if they're up to order it and of course support it.

This upcoming 12" Vinyl EP is all about a modern revival of label's favourite music years, specifically 1992 & 1993. Hardcore Breaks. From the slamming 160bpm Jungle Techno opener 'Run The Scene' by Gaffer to the junglistic gem 'All Over Again' by Paranoid co-manager RenegadeGenius, who gets in on a darker tip on the flipside with the magnificent and catchy 'Nothing Compares To Hardcore'. Yes. It's the chipmunk side of Sinead singing about Hardcore!
Last but not least, Paranoid crew have achieved the unexpected and that is to recall Simon Harris, (who's been on the 1st Paranoid 12" EP back in 2010, and hasn't done any tune for many years) to make a tune for their superb Hardcore plate. And he didn't disappoint them at all.
B2 is a proper dark bomb by Simon, stepping between the classic 'Lord of Nulls Lines' and some of his favourite games from the 90s.

"PRVEP002:: VA PARANOID RECORDINGS 2" is limited to 200 copies only, it won't be repressed and no digitals available. Once funding hit the target, it will proceed into cut. So if you love Nuskool Hardcore you should not sleep on that. It's a must item for your collection and appreciation to these 3 great gents!






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