Sunday, 14 October 2018

KNITEFORCE hits 100 releases! [KF100 Bundle] Triple Vinyl, Triple CD, Bonus Content!!

From 1992 till now the almighty Kniteforce Records counts 26 years of action with a quality music arsenal, a hungry collective of Hardcore troopers, a united family, an outstanding brand within the Hardcore Breakbeat scene and some weeks ago it has finally reached the remarkable and frenzy number of 100 releases in total!
Not so many labels (especially representing this type of sound) can achieve that. However, Kniteforce has proved that despite all difficulties over the years, it has turned stronger year by year and maybe more ambitious that ever; since 2016 when it begun re-releasing Vinyl again!

And now the new celebrating bundle from the label is simply ridiculous due to what's provided! 
The 100th release (seems unreal to me even while I'm typing that) is called 'The Triple Threat' and couldn't get bigger I think.

It's called 'triple' because it's a triplepack 12" Vinyl and each Vinyl represents something off Kniteforce movement.
Kniteforce Records, KFA and Knitebreed. So every Vinyl features 4 tracks being remixed by artists from the other sub-labels of Kniteforce. And the artists in? Starting from legendary names like head honcho Luna-C, Hyper on Experience, Liquid, Future Primitive, DJ Ham, DJ Jedi to nuskoolers TNO, Audio X, Alex Jungle, Paul Bradley, Empyreal, Ant To Be, Scartat.
In a few words a dream team of a very skillful Hardcore army from present-past and future.

On the top of that, there is a triple CD version including an unmixed double CD with 24 remixes totally (the ones from the 12" version + others new) and a mixed CD by DJ Brisk. All of them will be available for free as digital when you purchase this limited bundle and there's also some extra praise for your purchase.

That is the 'KF100Bonus - The Triple Threat Overflow LP' which includes 8 digital tunes. Specifically:
01. Dj Brisk - Airhead (Sanxion Remix)
02. Luna-C and Lowercase - Bad Enough (Ponder Remix)
03. Sublove - One By One (Paul Bradley Remix)
04. Abyss - Wicker Man (Dj Deluxe Remix)
05. TNO - Orphanage (Dj Beeno Remix)
06. Beeno - Beggin in The Jungle (Shaun FM Remix)
07. Disrupta & Sonic Fixation - The Feeling
08. Bucksta - Neon Lights

Last but not least you can get Paul Bradley's "After The Triple Threat: Preview Mix" (digital again) and an exclusive sample pack to "Bomb Da Bassline" by DJ Luna-C.

In conclusion this Autumn's gift goes out to you dear good reader and Hardcore fan, in terms of your respect to Hardcore, respect to Kniteforce and willing to add this essential phenomenal release in your personal collection.

And the History to be continued...


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