Wednesday, 3 October 2018

CTH001:: V.A. CALLING THE HARDCORE Volume 1 [3 × 12" Vinyl]

A1 - Ellis Dee - Give It To Me Baby (Remix)
A2 - KeeZee - Baaad! 
B1 - Damage Inc. - Higher & Higher (You Take Me) 
B2 - DJ Skywalker - The Growler 
C1 - Try Unity - Mind Elevation 
C2 - Systec & Sir Rice - Come On 
D1 - DJ Jedi - Acid Test 
D2 - Innercore - Slammin Dat 
E1 - Ron Wells - Everything I Need 
E2 - Raving Overdose Productions - Losing U 
F1 - Blackmass Plastics - Bassrock X 
F2 - Nervous+Anxious - Industria 

Calling The Hardcore is definetely one of the leading slogans in Brighton these days...

And the reason?

A good company of people have managed setting up some astonishing nights in Volks Club reviving Oldskool and showcasing new talented within the scene. The 'Calling the Hardcore' collective has gained all attention from all the Hardcore masses and now it's the time getting its own music unveiled.
In other words, a step ahead that is managed from a versatile man like Radiosam, who's one of the leaders in the Hardcore aspect of Brighton whilst being a hard worker into Try Unity, Rave Radio Records, Codesouth FM and of course Calling Tha Hardcore events!

Rave Radio Records and Calling The Hardcore become one coming along with the slogan 'Peace, Love, Unity and Respect', tied up with an outstanding piece of art made by the most appropriate man in this kind of; Oldskool legendary designer 
Junior Tomlin.

is comprised of 12 fresh belters with the likes of some hot names in the scene like Ellis Dee, Ron Wells, DJ Jedi, Dave Skywalker, Nervous + Anxious, Damage Inc. Systec & Sir Rice, KeeZee, InnerCore, Raving Overdose Productions, Blackmass Plastics and of course the very talented HCB trio of Try Unity.

This Hardcore extravaganza release is coming out on a Limited triplepack 12" Vinyl of 300 units only with no repress, at a special discount of £26 if you pre-order it till November (then the public release will get at £30).

You can get for free the digital versions of all tracks, a Free 21cm² double sided art flyer of the record sleeve artwork exclusively designed by Junior Tomlin and last but not least anyone who pre-orders a copy till end October, will be automatically nominated to win a Test Press copy of this release. There are five copies that will be drawn to 5r lucky purchasers and calling the hardcore lunatics!

However till you'll be waiting for the release date and the Vinyl launch, there's a big event happening in Brighton, and that is the 
Calling The Hardcore 4th experience in a row. More info HERE 


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