Sunday, 7 October 2018

[Bandcamp] DJ Roko - Scary Faces EP [6-Track Darkside Jungle EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Scary Faces.
2/ Drones.
3/ Deadly Sins. 
4/ Reality.
5/ Torment.
6/ Sirens (Bonus Track).

Something wanton, something wicked is coming your way to Bandcamp! Darkside don, DJ RoKo unleashes his dark soul to present to you the 'Scary Faces EP', a mini-albums worth of some of the heaviest and most pitch black, breakbeat hardcore and jungle straight from the depths of hell. It's time for us to dig out the garlic and holy water, and step into the DARKSIDE!!!

The dark tone is set perfectly by opening track 'Scary Faces', a thundering slice of darkcore, junglism which blends together a potent mix of heavyweight breaks, doom-laden bass patterns and a flurry of razor-sharp stabs, accompanied by choice 'Hellraiser' dialogue samples. As Pinhead says... "welcome to hell"!!!
'Drones' up next introduces us to some authentic, 1993 style, menace fuelled jungle with it's expert use of ominous pads and rolling amens, which lead you to an unexpected uplifting before descending into chaos once more. 

We are hit with a series of creepy, lonesome 'Landlord' piano stabs on 'Deadly Sins', before the mayhem is let loose under a maelstrom of layered, Formation Records style breakbeats and hyper-kinetic, rave riffs, which in turn are interspersed by periods of eerie calmness.
Our Lead Cenobite returns once more to bring us some 'Reality', which in this case come in the format of ten ton amens, brooding bass, moody synth melodies and a plethora of stab sections (watch out for that Tango & Ratty style riff!!!) that'll get your skin crawling in anticipation. 

'Torment' follows next and delivers a rapidfire selection of tearing beats overlaid with an ascending/descending pad section which immediately evokes the works of 1993 era DJ Junk in terms of atmosphere and breakbeat choppage. Plus points for the added mentasm drones!
We reach the EP's conclusion with bonus track, 'Sirens', a relentless slice of moody hardcore and jungle set to a monstrous bubbling bassline, rolling breakbeats and sinister Jesse Deep 'Planet Mystery' synth notes ramping up the tension perfectly.

If your musical tastes veer towards the dark and infernal, then by the power of Christ, you are compelled to buy this EP before Beelzebub comes to claim your mortal soul!!!

Roko's 'Scary Faces EP' is available to download now from Bandcamp page for a bargain price of £6 (or more if you are feeling generous!), so if you want some horror-core beats for the Halloween month, then you know where to go!!!

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