Saturday, 4 August 2018

SEAWOLF - Kickstarter campaign for a short film about wild youth, rave culture, sexual discovery, brotherhood...

A fresh project of a short 'ravey' fim has landed via a Kickstarter campaign, which has been already active since 20th July; closing in a few days from now.
'SEAWOLF' is a queer short film about wild youth, rave culture, sexual discovery and chewing gum, and is curently seeking to attract additional fundings. Interesting enough right?

'SEAWOLF' is one of the 10 films which was funded from the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) for their local film project 'microfilm 2017'. So after a year of hard progress and pre-production, the team needs some remaining funds to complete the film properly and make it bigger to the masses!
Chris Sitaridis the director behind this aspiring short movie, can't hide his loyalty to Detroit Techno and this is the reason SEAWOLF is named after Underground Resistance’s homonymous classic in 1992. In other words a full on urban warehouse acid techno vibe specially out to ravers of innocence, brotherhood and freedom of every move.

Mr. Sitaridis officialy states:
"...the story is inspired by the era-defining rave venue Shelley’s Laserdome in Stoke-on-Trent; one of the most prominent rave clubs in the 90s, most of which were brought down at their zenith. The general aesthetics of Seawolf is inspired by the work of British artist Paul Graham as depicted in the “End of an Age”, a series of youth portraits taken in clubs and bars between 1996 and 1998 that captures the threshold moments that mark the end of adolescence, the small slice of time between youthful indulgence and the emerging awareness of adult responsibilities. Rave is free, wild and genuine, just like psychological variations felt when coming of age. While working as a stand-alone short film, Seawolf is also a “proof on concept” project. A small story borrowed from a feature-length world, the short film will encapsulate an overall vision and get audiences and funders excited to jump on board with the story."

Suffice to mention that the established Techno duet of Minimum Syndicat from France, will set up the official soundtrack of the movie, which will be filming in Autumn 2018 throughout UK and calling you all to be a part of it by helping the production team getting some vital fundings to complete this short movie.

You can be a backer and support 'SEAWOLF' on this link HERE
There are different pledges offering extra various goodies!


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