Saturday, 4 August 2018

[RUFFCUTZRECS05] Various - Ruff Cutz Volume III [4-Track Digital EP Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Evade - Babylon Peril.
2/ Black Orchid - Biosurvival (Part 1).
3/ Amen Holmes - Back In Tune.
4/ Radman - Mediate.

Hot on the heels of 'The Run Inside EP' vinyl release, the Ruff Cutz crew show that have not been resting on their laurels as their latest digital selection 'Ruff Cutz Volume III' drops to set the jungle alight with 'nuff razor-sharp amen edits, cavernous basslines and hardcore soundclash chatter.

First up to the plate we had Evade who flings down some killa sound with 'Babylon Peril', a ruffneck fusion of fierce amen-edits, sound-system samples (courtesy of Rebel MC, David Rodigan to name but a few) and thundering bass notes to get your speakers shaking. 
Up next Black Orchid presents 'Biosurvival (Part 1)', a tear-out, amen workout layered with lush, soaring pads, subsonic bass booms and sliced and diced "Anything test man, mi clean fi mi gun" ragga vocals to add that extra touch of raw malice.

The exceptionally named Amen Holmes unleashes 'Back In Tune' on the 2nd half of the EP, which delivers a rapid-fire barrage of machine-gun breaks that'll get your heart pounding, while soothing pads and otherworldly bleeps and distorted vocal FX lure you into a dreamlike state of bliss. 
Rounding off the collection we have Radman's 'Mediate' to see us off, in flurry of militant beats set to a bouncing bassline and reverb soaked vox, alongside dub style, sonic beat manipulations that allows the tune to just play around with your headspace.

If you come looking for authentic, contemporary jungle which pays respectful homage to the scene's Golden Years, then 'Ruff Cutz Volume III' will fulfil your requirements for strictly drum & bass, and then some!!!

The 'Ruff Cutz Volume III' EP is available to purchase now in all digital formats, for the bargain price of £3 (or more if you wish to support the label and artists n future projects) from the official Ruff Cutz Bandcamp store. Run go tell a friend!!!

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