Friday, 3 August 2018

[RGR 014] RF Project - Deep Water [Available To Download Now From Ruff Guidance Records!!!]

1/ Constantinople.
2/ Nikolai.
3/ Ocean Space.
4/ Shanti.
5/ Sum1 2 Nic3.

The legendary Ruff Guidance Records label welcomes London based newcomer, RF Project to the fold, where he unleashes his brand new, five track atmospheric jungle EP, 'Deep Water'.

We are first introduced to the deep, emotive pad notes of 'Constantinople', a track which expertly combines spine-tingling chords and piano melodies with tearing amen breaks and thundering bass thumps. Creating the perfect blend in rough and smooth elements. Things take a half-step/drum & bass turn with the sumptuous 'Nikolai' next, which tricks you into grooving to it's 2nd beat, and languid piano section despite it's uptempo swing.

'Ocean Space' up next takes us up into the stratosphere with it's soaring combination of uplifting pads and gossamer light, synth refrains paired with razor-sharp amen edits, warm bass pulses and sprawling drop. 'Shanti' leads us down a more fractured jungle route, with it's use of stifling, but not oppressive atmospherics and spacious Think break drum programming. It's use of enveloping bass is a sensation to behold.

Last, but certainly not least we have 'Sum1 2 Nic3' bringing the EP to a close with intricate, layered breaks and innervating pads combined with a leftfield bass structure, which conjures up comparisons to a less 'chaotic' millennial period Autechre in places. 
For those of you who are seeking something a little bit more from your jungle/drum & bass than instant ragga fixes, or dark and heavy brutalism, the RF Project expertly weaves together sonic experimentalism and deep melodics with the 'Deep Water' EP here. 

The RF Project's 'Deep Water' EP is available to purchase now, exclusively from the official Ruff Guidance Records Bandcamp store in any digital format for £5 (or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future projects!!!).

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