Sunday, 5 August 2018

[POW 006] Spaced - Deeper (Remastered) [RARE 1992 HARDCORE!!! Double Pack 12" Vinyl & Singles Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A - Deeper (Hardcore Remix Dub).
B - Deeper (Hardcore Remix).
C - Deeper (Mix 1).
D1 - Deeper (Mix 2).
D2 - Deeper (Mix 3).

The Peace On Wax label make their welcome return, and this time they take us back to the glory days of rave with a stellar selection of sought after 1992 breakbeat hardcore cuts with the Spaced 'Deeper' collection. Featuring all five mixes of the rare-as-hen's-teeth Incite Records, and white label anthem, lovingly remastered and pressed as a limited edition, double vinyl pack or as individual 12"s. This one is going to be a must for any collector of those elusive oldskool gems!!!

Kicking off with the thundering 'Deeper (Hardcore Remix Dub)', a heady fusion of hard-hitting 'Energizer 1' breaks and buzzing bassline for the headstrong ravers out there blended in with euphoric, uplifting pianos and ecstatic female vocals. The A-Side sets the tone of what's to come and easily underlines itself as being a pure dancefloor anthem. 
On the flip we are presented with the' Hardcore Remix)', which injects a dose of electrifying mentasm stabbage into the mix to add that extra layer of rave mania.

The second 'Deeper' plate offers the listener a trio of 120-130 bpm versions, that fit in perfectly with Euro-house or 1991 hardcore sets, albeit without eschewing those rave breaks. 'Mix 1' combines a thundering 'Music Takes You' breakbeat with a pounding Euro-hardcore, techno riff while 'Mix 2' expands on the previous theme, dropping a massive bleep melody into the mix. Lastly we have 'Mix 3' which brings the collection to a melodic close with it's more house 'n' breaks theme, adding lush pads to create a more "radio friendly" vibe, whilst still remaining underground.

To sum up, the Peace On Wax camp have once more come up trumps by unearthing the most under-the-radar, rave classics and lovingly restored them for future generations to enjoy. If you love your 1992 tune hard and heavy but with a huge helping of euphoria, then you need this in your collection!!!    

The Spaced 'Deeper' double vinyl collection is available exclusively from the official Peace On Wax webstore for £20 (plus p&p), and also as single 12"s at £10 (plus p&p) for those who are looking for individual tracks. But be quick, as only 101 copies of the double-pack are left!!!

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