Friday, 17 August 2018

[KF85] Luna-C & Lowercase - Heavy Beats EP [12" EP out on KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

01. Bad Enough
02. Atomik
03. Dumpling Business 
04. Get Away

First ever Kniteforce 'Double L' EP or we'd rather say 'L2' or '2L' is available now and everyone around Kniteforce is extremely delighted about that.
First of all the head honcho of the KF movement, the man like Luna-C, secondly Lowercase as the second essential L and all the rest like fans and all involved inside this legendary 26 yr old label.
'Heavy Beats' is the name of the brand new 12" EP and it's an indisputably banging collaboration between Luna-C and Lowercase.
KF boss and KF Radio manager!

"Glyn Lowercase has dedication and enthusiasm in spades, and is both determined and humble. Its a good combination, and perfect for Kniteforce.

I first became aware of Glyn because he posted pics of his leg tattoos, which happen to be Kniteforce logos. So…thats dedication. More that I would ever ask for, and verging on the insane, sure, but still, you cant just scroll past someone who has put your record labels artwork into his skin. That person is dedicated and loves the label, so the least I could do was say “oi oi, nice one” and have a little chat. It turned out that he was only slightly mad, and he wasn’t full of himself, and he had a weekly radio show (this was before Kniteforce Radio). So I tuned in once, then again, until it became fairly regular, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear well mixed tunes, and an enthusiastic host who was obviously very into the music, and Kniteforce played its part in that as well."

In addition to Chris latest blog (read full of it here) the 'Heavy Beats' is a 4track slamming work of storming breakbeats, immense basslines and lush pianos all around blending 1991 with 1992 under modern flag. One way or another this release is a must to have mostly cos its one of the first collabs between Chris and Glyn, as we in the Strictly Nuskool expect more to come from them both.
Because they still feed their souls with Hardcore, and this turns to be larger day by day!!

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