Thursday, 30 August 2018

[DEMON8] FX - Demonic Possession Volume 8 [12" Vinyl Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A - The Time Of The Demon.
AA - Some Place Dark.

The infernal incantations have been performed and the sacrificial blood has been spilled. Now it is time for us to summon FX's latest vinyl only 12" single, 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' which features two slices of the darkest hardcore jungle ever to grace this real. It's now time to fetch your vials of Holy Water, and enter the dark zone!!!

We are first graced by the noirish sounds of 'The Time Of The Demon', a frantic melting-pot of machine-gunfire, junglist breaks, earth shaking bass blasts and choice vintage B-movie snippets which ramp up the tension to maximum. The track is peppered with menacing terror riffs and jarring horror flick FX, perfectly capturing that 1993 style darkcore vibe.

'Some Place Dark' introduces us to a sluggish, half-speed opening breakbeat accompanied by doom-laden synth notes and sinister film samplage before dropping a thundering Think break into the mix. The track soon mutates into a devastating, dustpan breakbeat and cavernous bass pulses which just emanates evil with each passing second.

FX's 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' provides the perfect soundtrack for the rapidly encroaching darker nights, so do you flee, or embrace the darkness? The choice is yours!!!!
The FX, 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' 12" vinyl single is available to purchase now for the absolute bargain price of £7.99, or the soul of your first newborn (plus P&P) and will not be made available digitally. So if you want to get demonically possessed, then it's vinyl all the way!!!

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