Tuesday, 24 July 2018

KFA93 - Empyreal - Stuck In Yesteryear E​.​P [CD + Digital on KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

01. Stuck In Yesteryear
02. Over Extraction
03. The Earl King 
04. The Second Coming

Executive Edition Exclusive:
05. Forward Never, Backward Ever (Reinstrumented)

German based producer Empyreal is back with a fresh personal release on the pretty reformed KFA. Hendrik is one of the established members of Kniteforce roster of talents and indisputably he remains one of Luna-C's favourite producers.
'Stuck In Yesteryear' is a happy orhestral nuskool hardcore techno trip by our good friend and cat lover Hendrik showcasing his pure talent and his eternal creative power!

Don't know if this guy is fan of Game of Thrones but for sure with this EP he sets up his very own medieval twist (e.g 'Forward Never, Backward Ever').
From the self titled tune which is the opening smasher to the following 3 extra burners, this new work by Hendrik is the best recipe to defeat any depression or negative cells you might have from your daily routine.
Empyreal - Stuck In Yesteryear is out now, on limited CD single (only 60 units) as well as on wav/MP3 digital bundle featuring the gorgeous orchestrally reinstrumented version of Forever Never Backward Ever (available for two weeks) at the links below!

Artwork by Spudgunjuice: https://www.instagram.com/spudgunjuice/


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