Sunday, 1 July 2018

[Earth City Recordz] Celt Islam - Transmitter [Available To Download Now From Bandcamp!!!]

1/ Transmitter.
2/  Star Light (Extended Jungle Mix).

Genre spanning electronic artiste, Celt Islam brings his rich, all encompassing world music ethos to the realms of drum and bass with his latest single 'Transmitter'.  

Opening up with the title track, 'Transmitter', an electrifying, hi-octane neuro-stepper proppelled by relentless breaks, buzzing bass notes and harsh, twisted mid-range growls, expertly accentuated with deft electronic flourishes to contrast the darker elements.
'Transmitter' is backed up by 'Star Light (Extended Jungle Mix)', a track which encapsulates elements of dub reggae, ethnic percussion (tablas if I'll hazard a guess?), oldskool rave (Top Buzz' legendary 'jungle tekno' call-to-arms) and breakneck speed nuskool jungle amens and cavernous Reese bassline to deliver an intoxicating and densely textured future jungle anthem. 

For this release Celt Islam showcases his expertise on weaving together multiple genre influences to create two unique, yet devastating drum & bass cuts that'll set the dancefloor of fire!!!

The Celt Islam 'Transmitter' single is available to purchase now from the Earth City Recordz Bandcamp page for the bargain price of  £4 (or more if you wish to support the artist for more future projects!!!).

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