Saturday, 26 May 2018

[KLPR0021] DJ Monk & Manluke - Deal Wid It Remixes [Available To Download Now From All Good KLP Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Deal Wid It (94 Mix).
2/ Deal Wid It (Inna Culture Remix).
3/ Deal Wid It (DJ Hybrid Remix).
4/ Deal Wid It (DJ Cautious Remix).
5/ Deal Wid It (Devastate Remix).
6/ Deal Wid It (Dublic Remix).
7/ Deal Wid It (Ikon B & Crisis Remix).
8/ Deal Wid It (Lion UK Remix).
9/ Deal Wid It (DJ QT Remix).
10/ Deal Wid It (PT2 94 Remix).
11/ Deal Wid It (Opius Remix).

Looking back on some of the many, many releases that I've missed out on, it's time to check out last month's DJ Monk & Manluke 'Deal Wid It Remixes' on K.L.P. Records. A mammoth collection of 2018 reworkings of Monk & Manlukes's recently unearthed, 1994 ragga classic, featuring a whole host of contemporary jungle dons. It's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to dig out the camo. vest and spark up it's lighter...

For those looking for original 1994 junglism then you need look no further than the 'Deal Wid It (Original Mix)' and 'PT 2 94 Remix' previously available on dubplate and on limited edition remastered 12" vinyl in 2014/2015. A tearing amen-ragga jungle anthem jam-packed with rapidfire breakbeat choppage, booming sub bass and deep and moody atmospherics.

The first of the nuskool jungle revamps comes from Inna Culture who injects a chunky, Think Gate break into the mix before the ever reliable DJ Hybrid unleashes his full-on amen and dred bass assault. We are next introduced to DJ Cautious, who delivers a staggered 2-step beat fuelled relick complimented with a warm Reese bass backing. 

The DJ Devastate lets the bassline do the talking with his rolling reinterpretation while Dublic gives us a 1996 style, Bristolian vibed take on the original mix backed with monstrous Reese bass pulses. K.L.P. regulars, Ikon B & Crisis step up to the plate next with their tearing 2018 remix, featuring a relentless steppin' break and abrasive midrange bass snarls.

Lion UK brings back the amen with his heavyweight reworking, perfectly capturing that oldskool jungle vibe whilst maintaining 2018 techniques. As does DJ QT's mix which adds near neurofunk-esque, synthetic pulses to the mix to add some variety into the collection. Opius then takes the album to a close with his deep, dark and heavy take, steeped in menacing atmospherics, ten-tonne amen breaks and sinister drones.  

Whether it's authentic oldskool jungle vibes you're after, or bang up to date, 2018 re-envisionings. The 'Deal Wid It Remixes' collection has all bases covered for any jungle/drum & bass set. An essential puchase!!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the bunch = 'Deal Wid It (Inna Culture Remix)'.

The DJ Monk & Manluke 'Deal Wid It Remixes' album is available to purchase and stream now from all good KLP Records digital stockists now!!!

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