Saturday, 14 April 2018

LUCKY - Bad Future (7track mini digital album)

01. Nine Hundered 9 Lonely Hearts
02. Little Planet
03. Hey
04. Bad Future
05. Do What U Want
06. Resist A La Mode
07. Rock The Rave

Colorado based pixel artist, mainly but also an aspiring producer by the name LUCKY, has recently released a self mini album including 7 tunes of attraction following a proper 90's rave revival mission.
'Bad Future' is our recommended rave inspired digi album for this week, with LUCKY in full effect, while experimenting different things on his tunes!
Suffice to say that his trademark is 'Making Yesterday's Games, Today' so why not doing the same with music?!

Highlight tune: Hey (a pretty good well worked Hyper Techno tune)


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