Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BREED19:: Ant To Be – Adventures Of Soundbwoy EP [12″ Limited Vinyl - KNITEBREED RECORDS]

A1/ Rush’n’Spin
A2/ Adventured Of Soundbwoy 
B1/ Got That Swing 
B2/ Woozy Tune 

Russian badboy, established member of Kniteforce family on radio and on label, ANT TO BE, returns with a brand new personal work on Knitebreed Records. And this one here sounds far way more vivid than his debut one on the same KF sub-label.
All along, Alex is a proud and loyal member of the nuskool Hardcore clan and in case you're wondering, this new EP is the absolute Hardcore weapon of this month. It's anything you searching for. From pianos to breakbeats and rushing rhythms and highlight "Rush 'n' Spin'' going bananas as the title points out.

All in all the BREED19 scores on a high level from the first second you put the needle. Spasibo Alex for this new dish of attraction. Fair enough stuck & released via Kniteforce.

Additional info as ever:

1) All the music on the EP is proper traditional old skool hardcore!

2) With the vinyl you will receive an 'Breed' sheet (like with the Kniteforce releases) which will contain a link to the digital versions of these 4 tracks in 24Bit Wav and / or 320 MP3 formats.

3) As with the Kniteforce releases, the Breed sheet is collectable - if you collect 10 of them, something good will happen!




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