Thursday, 1 March 2018

[BOOMSHA RECORDINGS] Cryogenics - Preparation For Something That Will Never Happen [CD Album & Digital Dwonlaod Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Looking For You From The Top Of The Mountain (Intro).
2/ Akrotiri.
3/ Forbidden Souls.
4/ Andromeda.
5/ Blood Red Skies (ft. Lily Garcia).
6/ Arc 170.
7/ What They Can't See.
8/ Ronin.
9/ Can't Rain All The Time.
10/ Still Waiting At The Park (Outro).

After a brief intermission from their release schedule, the Boomsha Recordings camp makes an epic return to the scene with the release of Athens based drum & bass producer, Cryogenics' magnum opus 'Preparation For Something That Will Never Happen'. Featuring ten deep and atmospheric tracks spanning the realms of frenetic jungle to rolling drum & bass, available in strictly limited edition, CD format.

We are first introduced to Cryogenics luscious, piano led opening track, 'Looking For You From The Top Of The Mountain (Outro)', which is soon succeeded by 'Akrotiri', which fuses a snappy, stepping breakbeat with techno style pulses and soothing synth washes. 'Forbidden Souls' also expertly captures the essence of mid-nineties, intelligent jungle by pairing rugged Think and amen breaks with soaring pads and gentle bass notes.

Things go a touch deeper with the brooding 'Andromeda', a track which lures you in with evocative strings only to pummel you with thundering amen rolls on the drop. Up next Cryogenics enlists the vocal talents of New Orleanian songstress, Lily Garcia on 'Blood Red Skies', and weaves together an exhilarating combination of hard hitting beats, yearning vocals and lush synths. On 'Arc 170' we are taken back to the Blue Note era of drum & bass where intense sci-fi soundscapes do battle with heavyweight, pitched down amens to devastating effect.

We are presented with an expertly crafted fusion of rolling breaks, and reverb soaked electronica on 'What They Can't See', as if the Richard D. James, circa 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92' decided to follow the path of D&B rather than go full-on experimental. 'Ronin' delivers a tension filled, kick drum infused build up flavoured with technoid flourishes, before we are finally given a tearing amen release. 

'Can't Rain All The Time' takes us on an atmospheric jungle trip with it's use of stepping breaks, deep bass pulses and soaring strings that are guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings. The album is then brought to a close with 'Still Waiting At The Park (Outro)' which perfectly concludes this sublime collection of music.

Upon first listen it becomes evident that Cryogenics has put his heart and soul into this album's creation, and if you have a passion for richly textured, deep and atmospheric jungle/drum & bass then this will be an essential addition to the collection.

The limited edition CD version of Cryogenics' 'Preparation For Something That Will Never Happen' album is available to purchase for £10 (plus postage & packaging) from the official Boomsha Recordings Bandcamp page, and comes with an exclusive digital download with bonus track.

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