Saturday, 3 February 2018

[TOTAL 039] Casketkrusher - The Cyber Raver's Revenge E.P (5 tracker early hardcore/terror EP)

01. Casketkrusher - Sicopath (Happy Vibes Mix) 
02. Casketkrusher - Mix Operator 
03. Casketkrusher vs. The Soul Seeker - Terror 9 
04. Casketkrusher vs. Disembowelment - Green Hell 
05. Sjors & Sjimmy - Knowledge = Power (Casketkrusher & DJ Ad "Bootleg" Remix)

His age means totally nothing on the grounds of his nationality, as every Dutch head who's born in this country quickly gets addict with hard sounds! It's in their blood maybe. Being a Hardcore guy from day 1 is his first skill while secondly remains a very genious producer covering every hard side of Hardcore such as Gabber or Terror.
On behalf of  the recent Total Destruction Records release, the mastermind DJ CASKETKRUSHER fires up 100 % Early Hardcore and Terror doom over 5 ultimate nuclear underground smashers!
If you can't handle it, don't even try it. It's strictly for the headstrong crew!!
All in all this release is non profitable like all Total Destruction catalogue.

Favourite Track: Mix Operator



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