Wednesday, 17 October 2018

[BOOM00070] Aeon Four - Cities [Available From All Good Boomsha Recordings Digital Stores Now!!!]

1/ Water Margin.
2/ Jupiter Dawn.
3/ Transient.

Boomsha Recordings joins forces with Finnish production duo Aeon Four to unleash three deep and atmospheric jungle tracks spanning a spectrum of tempos, from restrained, 140 bpm future jungle to hectic 160bpm, retro drum & bass rollers, with the release of the 'Cities' EP. So come with us... It's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to do a bit of urban exploration... 

Setting off the proceedings we have 'Water Margin', a sublime fusion of crisp, 150 bpm breaks and deep bass pulses, set to a series of luscious pads, periodically interspersed with choice oldskool hardcore snippets (DJ Edge!) for that perfect nod to the Golden Age of rave.

'Jupiter Dawn' ups the tempo a few notches to deliver a frantic, layered amen break driven slice of junglism, complimented by fragments of female vocals and a gossamer light, pad section which instantly sets your soul soaring, capturing a similar vibe as 4 Hero's 1993 classic, 'Universal Love.

Rounding off the trio we have 'Transient', a potent jungle breaks fusion, pairing skeletal breakbeats and thunderous 808 bass booms with awe inspiring, ascending and descending synth drones and vintage hardcore MC samplage, to add a little touch of the oldskool into the mix.

With this latest label offering, Boomsha along with Aeon Four offer up a stellar selection of jungle, all of which incorporates the very best of the scenes' long and rich history to deliver three essential pieces of contemporary breaks and bass.

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the bunch... 'Jupiter Dawn'.

Aeon Four's 'Cities' EP is available to download now from all Boomsha Recordings digital stockists and streaming sites.... 




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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

[SCR006] Krave - Revenge EP [12" Vinyl & Digital Pre-Order Available To Purchase Now From Sub Code Records!!!]

A1 - Part 4.
A2 - Revenge Remix.
B1 - Run It... Cos Dis Is How We Roll.
B2 - Untitled.

Up and coming producer, Krave has seen his distinctive, authentic jungle works grace a plethora of labels over the past two years, including the likes of Amenology, Dark Til Dawn, Phatt Bubba, Supercharger and Switchblade Digital. This November sees the his debut vinyl and digital appearance on the mighty Sub Code Recordings, with pre-orders for the 'Revenge EP' available to purchase now.

First up we are introduced to a heavyweight round of hip-hop flavoured junglism with the Biggie Smalls and KRS One sampling 'Part 4', which combines crunching breaks with '90's rap vocals and jazzy sample flourishes set to a booming 808 bassline to get your head nodding in appreciation.
Up next Krave drops a punishing barrage of rolling, sliced and diced amens on the 'Revenge Remix', a 1995 style jungle belter jam-packed with ragga vocal snippets and cavernous, Reese bass drones that'll get any sound system shaking.

On the flip we are hit with a hard hitting Soul Pride meets 'Scottie' breakbeat workout with 'Run It... Cos Dis Is How We Roll', a frenetic slice of expert level drum programming interspersed with Cypress Hill horns and spine-tingling diva vox to inject a little of soul to balance out all the ruffness.
'Untitled' rounds off our quartet of jungle gems with a veritable 21 gun salute of rapid-fire Think breaks and machine-gun amen snares, paired with soothing pad washes and an infectious, bubbling bassline.

Over the past few years Krave has proven himself to be a producer to keep your eye on, and with the 'Revenge EP' he shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. An essential purchase for anyone who loves their 1994-1995 jungle!

The Krave 'Revenge EP' is available to purchase in both vinyl and digital formats from the official Sub Code Records Bandcamp store, for £11 and £5 (vinyl orders come with a free digital copy also), and are expected to be ready for postage around 01/11/18.

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A brief history of Acid House by Suddi Raval [AFTERTOUCH PUBLICATIONS]

This could have also been titled as "How a synthesizer has acidentally changed the world'' taken from a recent video teaser by the legendary Suddi Raval, a loyal soldier of the true skool of Acid House and a member of Together, co-responsible for the anthem 'Hardcore Uproar' which has reached #12 in UK Charts back in early 90's.

Suddi Raval is the man behind a personal new project of a book on behalf of the Acid House movement 30th anniversary. The book is called 'A brief history of Acid House' and comes out on an attractive illustrated edition showcasing its colorful history as well as stand out events & pioneers like Ikutaro Kakehashi, Tadao Kikumoto, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Phuture etc.
In addition there's some special mention to the TB-303 synthesizer, The Hacienda night club, Shoom, Blackburn, The Media, the UK Government, Football casuals, 1980’s Police aggression.
On top of that, Suddi has printed 303 copies of the book but as he has announced there will be more, however one way or another make sure to purchase your copy as soon as possible.
A brief history stated from a real man who lived it up directly from the birth of the genre to its evolution and transfer to the clubs to date.

A highly recommended book for the Acid House lovers, fun to read and essential for you collection.

And if you want some music action, Suddi Raval doesn't quit, thus he has already set up a brand new 5track 12" EP written by himself and Matt Sargeant.
An EP which kinda represents the return of Together. Don't sleep on that!
"The House Sound of Together" can be pre-ordered now here

Sunday, 14 October 2018

KNITEFORCE hits 100 releases! [KF100 Bundle] Triple Vinyl, Triple CD, Bonus Content!!

From 1992 till now the almighty Kniteforce Records counts 26 years of action with a quality music arsenal, a hungry collective of Hardcore troopers, a united family, an outstanding brand within the Hardcore Breakbeat scene and some weeks ago it has finally reached the remarkable and frenzy number of 100 releases in total!
Not so many labels (especially representing this type of sound) can achieve that. However, Kniteforce has proved that despite all difficulties over the years, it has turned stronger year by year and maybe more ambitious that ever; since 2016 when it begun re-releasing Vinyl again!

And now the new celebrating bundle from the label is simply ridiculous due to what's provided! 
The 100th release (seems unreal to me even while I'm typing that) is called 'The Triple Threat' and couldn't get bigger I think.

It's called 'triple' because it's a triplepack 12" Vinyl and each Vinyl represents something off Kniteforce movement.
Kniteforce Records, KFA and Knitebreed. So every Vinyl features 4 tracks being remixed by artists from the other sub-labels of Kniteforce. And the artists in? Starting from legendary names like head honcho Luna-C, Hyper on Experience, Liquid, Future Primitive, DJ Ham, DJ Jedi to nuskoolers TNO, Audio X, Alex Jungle, Paul Bradley, Empyreal, Ant To Be, Scartat.
In a few words a dream team of a very skillful Hardcore army from present-past and future.

On the top of that, there is a triple CD version including an unmixed double CD with 24 remixes totally (the ones from the 12" version + others new) and a mixed CD by DJ Brisk. All of them will be available for free as digital when you purchase this limited bundle and there's also some extra praise for your purchase.

That is the 'KF100Bonus - The Triple Threat Overflow LP' which includes 8 digital tunes. Specifically:
01. Dj Brisk - Airhead (Sanxion Remix)
02. Luna-C and Lowercase - Bad Enough (Ponder Remix)
03. Sublove - One By One (Paul Bradley Remix)
04. Abyss - Wicker Man (Dj Deluxe Remix)
05. TNO - Orphanage (Dj Beeno Remix)
06. Beeno - Beggin in The Jungle (Shaun FM Remix)
07. Disrupta & Sonic Fixation - The Feeling
08. Bucksta - Neon Lights

Last but not least you can get Paul Bradley's "After The Triple Threat: Preview Mix" (digital again) and an exclusive sample pack to "Bomb Da Bassline" by DJ Luna-C.

In conclusion this Autumn's gift goes out to you dear good reader and Hardcore fan, in terms of your respect to Hardcore, respect to Kniteforce and willing to add this essential phenomenal release in your personal collection.

And the History to be continued...


Thursday, 11 October 2018


4 THE CORE is the name of a brand new label born these days by a great supporter & lover in the scene, and on top of that an ambitious man aiming to offer something fresh!
And what's fresh?
There's a 4piece Nuskool Hardcore first installment presented by some outstanding skillful Nu-Rave gents! Four new singles available digitally with the likes of Langham, Beeno, DJ Revive and Yannick Biscuits. Mad breakbeats and Happy Hardcore tornados all around make an ideal debut for 4 the Core them 4.

4 The Core Recordings came in surface in order to stay and to provide quality evolved hardcore breakbeats, not strictly an Oldskool revival, but the next level. All these tunes are absolutely a great sign for the future and Mark (the label manager) wants more people to be involved and send over their demos. Open to good music, open to people who appreciate the scene!
You can buy now the first pack of digis as available on label's Bandcamp page.


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

[LBTR01] Various - The Return [Available Now From All Good Liquid Boppers Digital & Streaming Sites!!!]

1/ Simple Souls & MC Astro - Can't Do Without It .
2/ Miss Guided - Choose You.
3/ Ji Ben Gong - Lost Past.
4/ Link - Live Life.
5/ Marcus Tee - My Groove.
6/ Woodtekr & Lady Emz - Creamy Clouds.
7/ TS - The Sun.
8/ The Seventh Plane - Decisions.

After a 3 year period of slumber the mighty Liquid Boppers label makes a welcome comeback to the world of liquid drum and bass with the release of 'The Return', an eight track album featuring the very best in underground, liquid drum & bass talent.

We are first introduced to the immensely uplifting sounds of 'Can't Do Without It' by Simple Souls & MC Astro, which sees soul diva vocals meet rhythm and blues piano melodies, set to a thundering combination of breaks and bass and Astro's positive vibed, lyrical flow. 
Miss Guided presents to us a spine-tingling example of soulful, Motown style R&B meets liquid D&B with 'Choose You', where yearning female vocals intermingle with steppin' breaks and warm bass notes to deliver a fine example of soul & bass.

Ji Ben Gong returns to the Liquid Boppers fold bringing with him a contemplative slice of piano led jungle with 'Lost Past', a track which expertly adds a touch of wistful melancholia, with it's use of minor keys, to a soundtrack of frenetic beats.
Up next we see Link drop a potent dose of uplifting funkadelica, with 'Live Life', an energetic number, jam-packed with '70's flavours deftly engineered to get your feet moving on the dancefloor and put a smile on your face.

Taking us back to the present we have Marcus Tee deliver some deep and soulful liquid grooves with 'My Groove' which incorporates luscious, Good Looking style, synth melodies and spoken word, female vocals over a fusion of crisp breaks and jazzy bassline.
'Creamy Clouds' sees Woodtekr join forces with legendary chanteuse, Lady Emz who lends her unmistakable, freestyle vocal refrains to a precision crafted 2-step backing and jazz 'n' bass fusion guaranteed to get people's head nodding in approval.

The last stretch introduces TC's hauntingly soulful 'The Sun', which pairs intricate breaks and enveloping sub bass with fragile, heavily reverberating male vocals, reminiscent of Burial's trademark, cavernous dubstep sound.
Bringing the collection to a close we have The Seventh Plane who presents 'Decisions', an epic and exhilarating marriage of rapid-fire beats and ascending/descending bass, set to sumptuous pads and poignant synth pattern to pull at your heart-strings.

The Liquid Boppers brand may have been absent, but with 'The Return' album marking it's reemergence to the scene, the label proves that it has been far from resting on it's laurels. An essential purchase for any lover of liquid drum & bass! 

'The Return' album is available to download and stream from all good Liquid Boppers digital stores and streaming sites.




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Sunday, 7 October 2018

[Bandcamp] DJ Roko - Scary Faces EP [6-Track Darkside Jungle EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Scary Faces.
2/ Drones.
3/ Deadly Sins. 
4/ Reality.
5/ Torment.
6/ Sirens (Bonus Track).

Something wanton, something wicked is coming your way to Bandcamp! Darkside don, DJ RoKo unleashes his dark soul to present to you the 'Scary Faces EP', a mini-albums worth of some of the heaviest and most pitch black, breakbeat hardcore and jungle straight from the depths of hell. It's time for us to dig out the garlic and holy water, and step into the DARKSIDE!!!

The dark tone is set perfectly by opening track 'Scary Faces', a thundering slice of darkcore, junglism which blends together a potent mix of heavyweight breaks, doom-laden bass patterns and a flurry of razor-sharp stabs, accompanied by choice 'Hellraiser' dialogue samples. As Pinhead says... "welcome to hell"!!!
'Drones' up next introduces us to some authentic, 1993 style, menace fuelled jungle with it's expert use of ominous pads and rolling amens, which lead you to an unexpected uplifting before descending into chaos once more. 

We are hit with a series of creepy, lonesome 'Landlord' piano stabs on 'Deadly Sins', before the mayhem is let loose under a maelstrom of layered, Formation Records style breakbeats and hyper-kinetic, rave riffs, which in turn are interspersed by periods of eerie calmness.
Our Lead Cenobite returns once more to bring us some 'Reality', which in this case come in the format of ten ton amens, brooding bass, moody synth melodies and a plethora of stab sections (watch out for that Tango & Ratty style riff!!!) that'll get your skin crawling in anticipation. 

'Torment' follows next and delivers a rapidfire selection of tearing beats overlaid with an ascending/descending pad section which immediately evokes the works of 1993 era DJ Junk in terms of atmosphere and breakbeat choppage. Plus points for the added mentasm drones!
We reach the EP's conclusion with bonus track, 'Sirens', a relentless slice of moody hardcore and jungle set to a monstrous bubbling bassline, rolling breakbeats and sinister Jesse Deep 'Planet Mystery' synth notes ramping up the tension perfectly.

If your musical tastes veer towards the dark and infernal, then by the power of Christ, you are compelled to buy this EP before Beelzebub comes to claim your mortal soul!!!

Roko's 'Scary Faces EP' is available to download now from Bandcamp page for a bargain price of £6 (or more if you are feeling generous!), so if you want some horror-core beats for the Halloween month, then you know where to go!!!

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Saturday, 6 October 2018


[KOR028] Non Compliance - Kick The Habit E.P [Available To Download & Stream From All Good Kut Off Records Digital Stockists Now!!!!]

1/ Kick The Habit.
2/ Hear Dis.
3/ Feel The Bass.

Breakbeat dons, Non Compliance and Kut Off Records are back with yet another top notch selection of chunky beats and booming bass to test your sound-system, with the release of the 'Kick The Habit E.P'.

The Non Compliance crew sets the ball rolling with title track 'Kick The Habit', an energetic 134 BPM breakbeat number which expertly layers crisp, rolling breaks over a thundering bassline and twisted midrange riff accompanied by gorgeous, 'Inner City Life' style strings and Old Harry Rox's trademark gruff vocals.

Up next we are treated to a heavy dosage of uplifting, dub-breaks with 'Hear Dis', a track which effortlessly incorporates rocksteady, percussive elements and trumpet melodies alongside soaring, euphoric pads and head-nodding bass to create the perfect marriage of reggae and rave.

To round of the collection we are presented with 'Feel The Bass', which gives a respectful nod to the past by utilising everything from oldskool, rave diva vocals, rugged jungle breaks, chilled-funk melodies and iconic Jungle Brothers' rhymes in the mix.

For anyone who appreciates a bit of the old with the new for their breakbeat fix, then the 'Kick The Habit E.P' easily ticks all the required boxes and then-some!!! 

The Non Compliance 'Kick The Habit E.P' is available to download for £1.99 from the official Kut Off Records website. Just subscribe to the mailing list for your copy now...

... and available to download and stream from the following sites here...






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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

[PTDUB002] Engineers Without Fears / DJ Rap / Lavery - Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Pre-Order Now From Propa Talent!!!]

A1 - Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura (Original Mix).
B1 - DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Get Raw Mix '94).
B2 - Lavery - Spiritual Aura (Jungle Mix '18).

DJ Rap has long held the title as a bonafide Queen of the jungle since the birth of the scene, and has in turn created many an undisputed anthem over the years, none more iconic than her collaboration with fellow Engineers Without Fears member, Aston Harvey
For the Propa Talent label's second vinyl release, DJ Rap presents 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura', which sees the original drum & bass blueprint receive a crisp remaster alongside Rap's very own, mid-nineties remix and Lavery's brand new 2018 re-imagining.

We are first introduced to a veritable template for the emerging intelligent jungle / drum & bass scene, with Engineers Without Fears' 1993 classic 'Spiritual Aura (Original Mix)', a highly potent blend of rapid-fire breaks, undulating bassline and soaring pads accented by luscious female vocal sighs which expertly combined both rough and smooth elements to create havoc on the dancefloors during the early nineties and beyond. 

One year later we were introduced to DJ Rap flexing her solo production skills to deliver an epic, amen break driven rework with the 'Spiritual Aura (Get Raw Mix '94)'. A fierce slice of precision crafted jungle which focused more on tight drum-programming and booming bass as opposed to the more euphoric original mix prior.

To complete the collection we are presented with a tearing 2018 update from Sub Code Records founder, Lavery who drops his ruff and rugged 'Spiritual Aura (Jungle Mix '18)', which reverently pays homage to the Golden days of jungle with it's use of layered amen and 'Think' breaks, whilst adding contemporary production values into the mix.

As there has been a musical shift in recent years which has seen the original, authentic jungle and drum & bass template revisited and expanded on by new producers. There is no better reason to get your hands on this exquisitely remastered piece of musical history.   

DJ Rap's 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura' 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now from the Official Propa Talent webstore for £12.00 plus postage and packaging, and comes with an exclusive, singed DJ Rap photo. 'Propa Dubs Vol 2: Spiritual Aura' is expected to be ready for delivery from 09/10/18. But you better be quick, as these are strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide and are expected to fly out the door!!! 

(EDIT - as of today there are now only 50 copies left so do not hesitate!!!).

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CTH001:: V.A. CALLING THE HARDCORE Volume 1 [3 × 12" Vinyl]

A1 - Ellis Dee - Give It To Me Baby (Remix)
A2 - KeeZee - Baaad! 
B1 - Damage Inc. - Higher & Higher (You Take Me) 
B2 - DJ Skywalker - The Growler 
C1 - Try Unity - Mind Elevation 
C2 - Systec & Sir Rice - Come On 
D1 - DJ Jedi - Acid Test 
D2 - Innercore - Slammin Dat 
E1 - Ron Wells - Everything I Need 
E2 - Raving Overdose Productions - Losing U 
F1 - Blackmass Plastics - Bassrock X 
F2 - Nervous+Anxious - Industria 

Calling The Hardcore is definetely one of the leading slogans in Brighton these days...

And the reason?

A good company of people have managed setting up some astonishing nights in Volks Club reviving Oldskool and showcasing new talented within the scene. The 'Calling the Hardcore' collective has gained all attention from all the Hardcore masses and now it's the time getting its own music unveiled.
In other words, a step ahead that is managed from a versatile man like Radiosam, who's one of the leaders in the Hardcore aspect of Brighton whilst being a hard worker into Try Unity, Rave Radio Records, Codesouth FM and of course Calling Tha Hardcore events!

Rave Radio Records and Calling The Hardcore become one coming along with the slogan 'Peace, Love, Unity and Respect', tied up with an outstanding piece of art made by the most appropriate man in this kind of; Oldskool legendary designer 
Junior Tomlin.

is comprised of 12 fresh belters with the likes of some hot names in the scene like Ellis Dee, Ron Wells, DJ Jedi, Dave Skywalker, Nervous + Anxious, Damage Inc. Systec & Sir Rice, KeeZee, InnerCore, Raving Overdose Productions, Blackmass Plastics and of course the very talented HCB trio of Try Unity.

This Hardcore extravaganza release is coming out on a Limited triplepack 12" Vinyl of 300 units only with no repress, at a special discount of £26 if you pre-order it till November (then the public release will get at £30).

You can get for free the digital versions of all tracks, a Free 21cm² double sided art flyer of the record sleeve artwork exclusively designed by Junior Tomlin and last but not least anyone who pre-orders a copy till end October, will be automatically nominated to win a Test Press copy of this release. There are five copies that will be drawn to 5r lucky purchasers and calling the hardcore lunatics!

However till you'll be waiting for the release date and the Vinyl launch, there's a big event happening in Brighton, and that is the 
Calling The Hardcore 4th experience in a row. More info HERE