Monday, 25 December 2017

[DL25] Kouncilhouse - Tick Till Friday (13track Digital Album - out on DIRTY LEMON RECORDINGS)

01. So Nice
02. Thirteen (ft. Nevine)
03. Bailey
04. Los Angeles
05. You Got Me Thinking
06. Oh Baby
07. Feels Like (with Amber Angell)
08. Melancholy
09. Gonna Watch Out (ft. Nevine)
10. Justice
11. Burger Lips
12. 24 Hours
13. Survive

UK based producer Kouncilhouse strikes back with a delicious 13track Xmas dish as a part of his brand new album, which is available today by the title 'Tick Till Friday'.

All you can expect is a mental and proper solid work from this talented producer, therefore the key element of this album is the diversity of genres and styles. From House to Garage, Breaks and Ambient, this albums stands for a melancholy and more full on nostalgia mood I'd say, 
including also the quality additional features of Kouncilhouse's friends, Amber Angell and vocalist Nevine. This is by far a very good gift to yourselves and furthermore a plaudit to the producer who did it fair & square right up to his known music avenue.
'Tick Till Friday' is out now on digital format.


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