Saturday, 25 November 2017

[INVSN009] Laabreeze - Stratch Thing EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Stratch Thing.
2/ Bugs.
3/ Time.
4/ Sirius.

The Invasion Recordings crew are back again with another firing selection of high octane drum & bass, this time showcasing the talents of label newcomer Laabreeze who presents the 'Stratch Thing EP'.

We are first introduced to the sci-fi sounds of title track 'Stratch Thing', which expertly blends together sweeping synths and gnarly mid-range riffs with crisp breaks and organic bass notes to create what could easily be mistaken as a soundtrack to an imaginary futuristic anime series. Up next 'Bugs' adds some twisted, neurofunk synth pressure into the mix, layered on top of a relentless 2-step breakbeat and bubbling, industrial bassline.

On 'Time', we are taken on a deep, cinematic journey with it's combination of dark, cavernous atmospherics and near orchestral swells set to an adrenalising percussive backing. In contrast to the futuroid sounds of it's predecessor, 'Sirius' takes us back to the present/past by interlacing rolling drum & bass beats with smooth, jazzy liquid textures to provide a perfect conclusion to the collection.

Once again, Invasion Recordings pulls off another premium quality release that should be a welcome addition to any drum & bass connoisseur's music library. Make sure you pick up your copy now!!!

Laabreeze's, 'Stratch Thing  EP' is available to download from all the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...


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