Saturday, 4 November 2017

[INVSN008] Nephrollian - Nuclear Power Plant EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Nuclear Power Plant.
2/ Uranium 235.
3/ Decomposition.
4/ Energy Production.

Neo tech-step pioneer Nephrollian makes his return to Invasion Recordings with yet another hi-octane, neuro drum & bass fusion with the release of the 'Nuclear Power Plant EP'

Kicking off to a series of dark, industrial sci-fi atmospherics, 'Nuclear Power Plant' fuses together monstrous, mid-range ripping growls over a relentless 2-step break to deliver a hard-hitting track to get all all headz on the floor. 
'Uranium 235' follows a familiar path to it's predecessor picking up where the likes of 1999-2000 era Bad Company left off by creating a retro-futuristic, neuro-funk anthem, just like they made them back in the day.

'Decomposition' sets the mood, with glacial pads opening up the track, which soon evolves into a heavyweight stepper, paired with mutated Reese bass drones, sounding like the death throes of some gargantuan beast.
To close off the collection we have 'Energy Production', which ramps up the feelings of dread to maximum with it's use of pitch black sound effects and heavyweight percussion to deliver an adrenalising and fitting end to an EP 'radiating' in 'nuclear' grade energy.

Nephrollian proves yet again that he is a talent to watch out for with this essential
selection of tech-step anthems. Look no further if you are looking for some rock solid D&B in your collection 

The Nephrollian, 'Nuclear Power Plant  EP' is available to download from all the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...


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