Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hakkûh and the Gabberz - Raver's Space (4track digital EP)

01. Speed Rider
02. XTC Run
03. Raver's Space
04. Rotterdam Smack Attack

Early Hardcore and Gabber lovers this one goes out to you from an act that's unknown to us all, might be a side project, new project or whatever, it achieves taking us along the mad illecit harsh rhythms of Hardcore!
'Raver's Space EP' by Hakkûh and the Gabber, is comprised of 4 belters leaving no space and no doubt to any raver who doesn't envy of them. Strictly for the headstrong crew, coming out from Rotterdam!
In addition this is one of the finest and freshest releases of this kind on the late Movember.


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