Wednesday, 1 November 2017

DJ FLAPJACK - 50/50 [Limited Cassette + Digital]

01. 50/50 Love Side
02. 50/50 Hate Side

L.A. based Happy Hardcore nutter and deck genious, the man like FlapJack has recently released 2 stunning mixes, first one being happy like an angel and the other harsh like hell.
In other words Love and Hate.
Both mixes are absolutely mental all done proper, live and direct from F kid and are given now packed on an outstanding release!
For further release info you can read the official statement below, as posted on his Bandcamp page. This comes out on a very limited number of cassettes as well as digitally. BOOM!

Limited edition mixtape-version of the DJ Flapjack: 50/50 mixes. Both mixes fit on each side of a split-color C110 cassette. The 'Hate' mix is on the red-shell side, and the 'Love' mix is on the yellow-shell side. All J-cards were manually cut and folded by the artist, as well as duplication and recording. Each tape comes cellophane-wrapped with 3 thermal stickers inside, and purchase includes an immediate FREE download of both mixes digitally as well.

Buy while you can! Limited run will NOT be released again.

Legal info: You are paying for a handmade and limited promotional item, the music on the tape is FREE and included with purchase of case and J-card assembly with cassette. The digital recording of the FREE mix has been uploaded for FREE download online as well... more
ships out within 10 days.  (edition of 200)


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