Sunday, 19 November 2017

[Bandcamp] Master Mash - Hardcore In Darkness EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Hardcore In Darkness.
2/ Afraid Of The Dark.
3/ (I Know What's) In The Basement.

As the seasons have drawn ever deeper into the Winter bleakness Master Mash unveils the perfect darkside, junge tekno soundtrack to accompany the glacial climate with the release of the 'Hardcore In Darkness EP'

We are firstly introduced to a sinister slice of acid-techno flavoured darkcore with title track 'Hardcore In Darkness', which expertly combines relentless 4/4 kickdrums with rolling breakbeats, hardcore stabs and brooding  acid bassline to devastating effect. 

Up next we are presented with 'Afraid Of The Dark', which ramps up the feelings of unease by dropping a creeped-out, off kilter piano melody into the jungle tekno mix alongside a series of electrifying, rapid-fire 'Anasthasia' stabs. 

To complete the darkcore triptych we have '(I Know What's) In The Basement)', a veritable dark hardcore symphony which interweaves eerie synths and pads with adrenalising stab patterns, pounding kicks and militant breaks.

Master Mash once again proves that he is one of the undisputed 'masters' of neo-darkside jungle-tekno, and with his latest collection of tracks, he has guaranteed that the spirit of 1993-1994 dark hardcore is far from dead. A must for any darkcore fanatics!!! 

The Master Mash 'Hardcore In Darkness EP' is available to purchase now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp page for a "Name Your Price" deal. So if you are enjoying the tunes then support the artist to make future releases!!!

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