Friday, 6 October 2017

LOVCD10:: Rolando Simmons - World Building [CD & DIGITAL ON LOVE LOVE RECORDS]

01. Whisper and Laugh
02. Free Analogue 
03. Empowered 
04. Uncertainty Pond 
05. Loom 
06. The Girl of Uchter Moor 
07. Spirala 
08. Decay 
09. Clocks 
10. Through Towers 
11. Strange Poet

The almighty & ever quailty label of Love Love Records are very proud to present their fresh installemnt coming from Sweden based producer Rolando Simmons (a.k.a. Mattias Östling) with his debut album."World Building" is a deep experiment and a neverending trip to a new world provided on 11 mental tunes into melancholy or even better to sum up with words taken from the official statement " is a satisfying listening experience with a strong narrative - an auditory tale of an epic journey with warmth and depth from one of Europe's most exciting producers."
Just let yourself to join in this odd Swedish world on this new offering by Love Love Records. An aficionado label which keeps on digging & searching for diversed music paths...


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