Friday, 20 October 2017

[Bandcamp] Bambra - Koncrete Jungle EP [3-Track Digital Download Available Now!!!]

1/ Koncrete Jungle.
2/ Technoid.
3/ Urban Survivalist.

October sees tech-step maestro, Bambra unleash a trio of fiercely uncompromising, industrial tinged drum & bass with the 'Koncrete Jungle EP' ready to do some serious sound system destruction once let loose in the mix.

We are first introduced to a series of menacing drones which kick-start title track, 'Koncrete Jungle' and are soon accompanied by crisp, hard-stepping breaks and ominous, discordant bass growls which perfectly encapsulates the Golden era of techstep, circa 1996.

Things get even darker on 'Technoid' which sees pitch black, reverb drenched atmospherics do battle with brain searing mentasm stabs and heavyweight 2-step breaks, sounding like an impossible soundclash between DJ Trace and Richard D. James come true.

The last piece of the audio triptych, 'Urban Survivalist' takes on an even more urgent pace by layering sinister soaring and descending pads over a pulsating bass riff, relentless stepping breaks and tasteful nods to past jungle classics.

For a first release, Bambra proves that he's more than ready to take on any established drum & bass producer with this retrospective, yet forward thinking collection of neo-tech-step bombs. If deep and dark D&B fulfils your appetite for music then make sure that the 'Koncrete Jungle EP' is on your agenda!!!

Bambra's 'Koncrete Jungle EP' is available to download now from the Bambra Productions Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £2, or more if you wish to support the artist and label to fund future releases.

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