Sunday, 10 September 2017

[RAVERTOOTH015] GRAZ - Internet Remix Party Vol.4 [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]

Artwork by Brainform

The 4th chapter of 'Internet Remix Party' albums by GRAZ is out now on his own imprint, Ravertooth Tiger including 6 slammers of remixes inside this digital weapon!!
I should dare and say that this is the 'album of the month'. It's an absolute huge result remixing names like Katy Perry, Grimes, Stardust, Jax Jones, Melanie Martinez and Galantis and their hits. Graz scores again and proves by all means how music thirsty & busy he is.
Big blend of Drum & Bass, Hardcore Techno, Footwork elements, rave attitude, Ravertooth little tigers all around with a Seattle signature.

Grab it digitally and share the Internet Remix Party news all around.


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